Shrinking a Gameness Pearl


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Mar 9, 2008
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I just got an A4 Gameness Pearl, and it's a little too big on me. I'm about 6'2, 190lbs, 34 waist with an athletic build. But the sleeves are about 2 inches or so too long, the jacket is a little big, and I actually think the inseam of the pants are about an inch too long.

I've read that some people's Pearls shrink perfect by washing in cold, then hang drying. Some people don't get any shrink at all like that. Some people have to wash in warm water then heat dry. And then again some people just can't get them to shrink period!

So my question...if I try to cold wash/hang dry at first and have no shrinkage, will I then be able to warm wash/heat dry and get shrinkage, or do I have to warm wash/heat dry the first time? I'm scared to go immediately to the warm wash/heat dry because I don't want to shrink it TOO much.

Advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
You can try to wash cold and hang dry, if it doesnt shrink to where you want it I would then wash cold and try the dryer. Take it out about every 5-10 min or so and try it on til it gets close to where you want it. Dont get it exactly where you want it, let it be just a tad big because it will shrink just a little more of the next few washes and hang dries. Usually when you wash in hot and dry you are trying to make it alot smaller.
Next time when you buy a gi.. just ask for a pre-shrunk gi. Gameness does make pre-shrunk gis. this way you wont have any shrinkae.
for this gi you should wash it in cold as Ghosted-Barra said and then see if how much does it shrink. if its made up of 100% cotton then the shrinkage should not be more thn 2-3% but if its made in JiuJitsu fabric then its might shrink more than 5%.