Shrinkage on an HCK gi?


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Dec 20, 2001
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Hi I just got an HCK Size 5 gi.I'm 6'2 170 lbs and this gi is huge.Do HCK brand Gis shrink alot or am I going to half to send it back?
They can shrink a lot. I'm guessing the pants lenght is ok but the top is to big. If so wash the top in hot water and throw it in the dry for a little while and pull it out and try it on, if it's still to big throw it back in the dry and repeat. The gi will shrink for the first few washings. I'm sure you will get other advise from people but this is what has worked best with me.
Mine never shrunk so I don't know. And I put it in the dryer for 2 hours.
I dunno.The pants are soooooooooooooooooooooo big.I'm like a size 30 or so.I think I'm going to have to get another size cause it's just ridiculously big for me.I like the pant length to come up like and inch and a half above my ankle just cause it's less to grab and it's more comfortable.
BTW,I have to wear the pants up neaqr my belly button to get them to fit properly.
You can return them and get a mix and match set if the top is the right size you know like a size 5 top and a 4 bottom.
I had to take mine to an alteration place. Washing it didn't shrink it enough. Once it is washed, you can't return it.
Yeah,I tried on an Atama A-2 gi and it fit me well but it was a tad short,so I think I'm gonna go with an A-3.
I recently got the HCK in size 5.
I'm 5'9, 150lbs.
Yeah the gi was huge when I first tried it one, esp the pants.
After the first wash there was noticable shrinkage, though it's still big on me.
I bought the 5 cause I don't like it too short.
Hopefully after a few more washes, it'll be just right.

I was told these things shrink only a quarter of an inch during each hot water wash/dryer session.
If I remember, I'll let you guys know how much it totally shrank in a few months, since i alternate
gi's during training.
It shouldnt shrink much afterwards. My friend who I sold my gi to said it didnt shrink but he's much taller.