shoulder poped out after throwing wild cross?


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Jun 16, 2007
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got into dumb bar brawl other night, too drunk to do anything technical, went to throw a wild haymaker miss by 9 feet and my shoulder popped out and its been 2 days and its finally getting a little better. but what tendom or muscles does this relate to and how can i make it more stable.. thanks

Ive had a friend with a shoulder that popped out and he still has problems 6 years it will pop out if were lifting to much on benchpress. he never went and saw a doctor. so my advice if you want problems just wait till it feels better lift something and wreck it more. or be smart about it and go see a doctor, you know its "popped" ouot what do you expect someone to tell you how to fix it at home with a rubber band and ducktape?

go see a doctor. sooner the better before you cant fix it properly.
Uh, if I were you, I'd be asking a doctor(someone who went to med school) for this kind of advice other than sherdogers(teenage keyboard warriors).
first of all go see a doctor!!!

I popped by left shoulder back in 1992. I had to get it fixed and it took a while to recover but I am happy with it now.

As fighters we tend to say stuff like I will work through it or I will get it fixed later. Well I am in my 40's and I can tell you that one day you will be here and you will wnat everythig working right.

Go see a doctor.