should i start training..



im at school in a smaller town, so my choices of training are very limited. there is pretty much only one place to train here, and they focus mainly on Jeet Kun Do style. the trainers said you work on stand up(boxing and thai kickboxing), also work on clinching and finally grappling. it seems like an OK place to go, and its pretty cheap($45/month), but im just wondering if this would even be worth it. i guess training in this is better than doing nothing, but i dont wanna waste my money and time if its a shitty facility. anyone have any experience with JKD or training at a school that focus's on multiple aspects, instead of specializing in one area? my ultimate goal is to focus mainly on BJJ...

sorry i wasnt sure where to put this so i put it here and in the grappling section...thanks fellas
Try it out, see how you feel about it, it will propably be better for you than nothing. Perhaps its "progresive" jkd straight blast gym style...
they should have a free trial week or at least a few days before you have to sign up. walk in, check it out and sit in for a class.

i'm surprised pittsburgh, pa doesnt have more options. you might not be looking hard enough.
pittsburgh has plenty of options, including a good BJJ school i was going to attend this summer but ended up going out of town for work and i was not able to. im actually an hour and a half north of pittsburgh now because im away at school for the year. you guys are right, maybe ill ask if i can try for a month before signing any sort of contract. id gladly pay for a month to try it out, i just do not want to get into a contract for a year and end up having this place be some sort of lame self defense place. is signing a contract normal for training, or is that a no-no? i can go as many times i want per week, mon-thurs and one class saturday..which seems cool. also the class sizes vary he says, the day i called to talk to him he said there was only 2 people in that class, but he has had some with up to small class sizes mean more one on one training with the instructor which is also good. i dont know if this is wierd or not, but he said they sell($40) some kind of pants and shirt(not a gi) that they train in, and they also train in shoes. not street shoes, but i guess more like a wrestling shoe. is that common? thanks guys...
krellik said:
Try it out, see how you feel about it, it will propably be better for you than nothing. Perhaps its "progresive" jkd straight blast gym style...

can you explain what you mean by progressive jkd, straight blast gym style? is that good or bad? thanks
the jkd place should be good. you dont wanna strictly grapple, you want to mix it up . . .
That JKD place sounds pretty good. Better than most of the other options I have around here, unless I want to drive a ways.

Here's a link to the Straight Blast Gym website:
Steel City Martial Arts
3561 Valley Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Here's a BJJ place in Pittsburgh. Don't know how good it is, but I'm just trying to help give you options:
Wow...last time I was in the general area of Pittsburgh it seemed like there was anything but a dearth of places to train. Though I have no idea how many of those places were McDojos and how many were good schools.
farmboy that bjj school is right by my house when im living with my parents. im living on my own for my senior year of college, 65miles from pittsburgh. i guess ill go up there and sit in on a class or try and get a trial month. thanks fellas
No problem. Yeah, that distance thing can be a pain. My school has 3 different locations that we train at on different days of the week. one is about 8 minutes away, another is about 12 minutes, and the other is about half an hour. The last one is the pain, because that's a whole hour travel 'round trip.

Anyway, good luck with your search. I hope it works out for you.
Jeet Kune Do with a good teacher is one of the best options out there for stand up mma. In JKD, like all styles it is really about the instructor. Go for it.