Should have been Lawler vs Cote or Leben

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Aug 22, 2004
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Joe Silva nails it 95% of the time, and hell who knows with Kos and Lawler, J.S may have nailed it here.

I see Kos going right for the takedown and subbing Lawler.

Lawler vs Cote at ww would have been great

or Lawler vs Leben at Mw

oh well hope lawler wins and has signed a 3-4 fight contract.

Glad to have him back, lots of fun match ups.

Lawler was one of strikeforce best paid guys wouldn't be surprised if he gets tough match ups just to see if he warrants the wage.
jacare couldn't sub lawler until the third round but koscheck does it right away? possible, but not likely.
I think a lot of people would rather see them fight someone who has already been at WW to see where they fit in. Two MW's dropping down to WW to fight doesn't really tell anything about their place in the division.