Short Flat out punching Intervals on the Heavy bag


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Oct 13, 2004
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I tried some of these last nite

25 second all out punching following by a minutes rest then go again

Really helps your punching speed and also mentally prepares you for letting your hands totally go.

I was pretending i was Baroni taking out Menne :)
yea a minute rest after 25 seconds would be kind of weak in my eyes. Id at least go 25 on 30 off and build you way down on rest. Or 25 on, 25 off w/ just light lead jabs.
do 3 minutes on, 1 min off.. train how you fight. 25 sec is for quitters
OpethDrums said:
do 3 minutes on, 1 min off.. train how you fight.
Yeah, that's usually what coach has us do at our gym.
Biggiebrother said:
if you only need 20 second rest then i honestly don't think you are going flat out enough!

I mean really totally flat out ! I reckon i could get away with 40 seconds rest but not 20 seconds

Check out

thats exactly the point. do u lift wieghts? if u do , go to the gym and try and bench press a weight thats like 150% of your max weight. now go do 100% of your max and you will see how much easier it feels than normal.

it fucks around with ur central nervous system , and gets it ready to kick it up to a muuuch higher gear than its used to. if you keep your rest times ridiculously short , when it comes time to actually use your cardio , twenty or thirty seconds will feel absolutely wonderful.

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