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short fighter - lead hooks/crosses??


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Feb 7, 2008
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Hey new to the fight game, and short for my weight (5'8" 185). A lot of guys I spar are taller and thinner, I am short and muscular. Just started muay thai and bjj, but in my standup my jab, due to my reach, never really lands that effectively and I wind up spending a lot of time blocking their jabs or eating their counters. And in return I wind up throwing a lot of lead left hooks to the head and hopping into range with that punch in order to throw combos and then back out if needed. I do this with my cross too, and occasionally a superman punch. I realize this is not technically probably proficient but its working now for me should I stick with that while I work on my jab or is this detremental to my progress??
Your Jab is always your most important strike no matter your height or weight.

Keep on working on it and learn how to use it.
Learn to slip punches and enter that way. Or develop a strong cage and take punches on your arms as you close. I have the exact same stats as you, although I can cut to 170, so I understand your problem. The key is movement and shoring up holes in your defense. When you fight a guy who is taller then you, you will have to be somewhat reactive.
Double up on the jab to close the range.
In addition to some of the other ideas mentioned, it's also a good idea to have a good jab for generalship.

The use of jabs/crosses can't be underestimated of course, so it seems the real issue is about reach/size. As a dude that's 6' 4", here's some stuff that works on me. Footwork of course. Interceptions with foot tools. Overhand with one, uppercut with the other. Low kicks to crashes. Throwing a jab or cross as trash (not intended to strike) on a high line, then shooting or kicking. Bob, weave, step out and strike in counterattack.

Not a complete list of course, but some other ideas that work on me.
I'm short. I spar taller dudes. There are tons of threads on how to get on the inside. Use your jab, and your skills. Body/head movment, get in the inside, jab and do whatever. Your jab aint useless unless your standing on the outside getting picked apart by a guy with longer reach. Lead hooks and rights are OKAY i guess to close teh distance, but the guy can easily just circle you or step out of range and then counter-punch and fuck you up.

Its pretty rudemtry. A jab is the fastest punch in most arsenals. If you are trying to come into the pocket with one of the slowest ones (a hook) then your leaving yourself more vunerable to getting counter-punched.

Your jab isn't going to be as useful as an ALI jab (lengthy snappy arms) but it is still an essential part of your arsenal and shouldnt be overlooked. Also, a jab helps set other things up. Jab, Cross, Hook, Upercut, Hook, whatever you want.