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May 9, 2003
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What do you guys think of their services?

I bought a KF Kimono World White & Black for 121,50bucks in 27th July 2005. However, I still recieve nothing today.
I have ordered from them twice, and never had any problems. Shoot them an email, they are usually pretty good at responding.

BTW, the mail does take a while from Brazil, but it probably should already be there.
Lol yeah I would call instead of an email, that is ridiculous.
I did email to Torres and he replied very quickly , he statted that "Sorry for that. We gonna check it urgently and figure out whathappen.".

Howevr after 3 weeks, I still recieve nothing today.
if you pay money for it, you should be willing to put in a call, otherwise dont expect sympathy.