shoes in grappling

Rory McDonell

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Apr 3, 2005
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I've got a no-gi competition tomorrow, and I was wondering if its common for people to wear wrestling boots when they fight. I'm aware of the danger of anckle locks and what not, but does anyone do it?
Yes some people do it. The advantages include:
- better grip on the mat for takedowns, guard passing etc.
- protection against foot, ankle and toe injuries (also if you have a pre-existing injury down there)

The disadvantages include:
- harder to escape footlocks
- loss of flexibility and dexterity in your feet, especially during guardwork

So if your game is a top game based on the takedown and guard pass they would probably be advantageous, especially if your guard game is based around getting back to your feet. If you jump to guard right away then I wouldn't wear them

Stephan kesting
Its actually standard for sombo competition to wear wrestling boots, I always got away without them and was able to rverse a couple of dangerous leglock situatitons partly i feel because my opponents made it easy for me by wearing shoes. I know that a lot of the people i've trained with say that not only does it provide better traction for takedowns but that if you get your foot position right it becomes very hard to break guard.