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Feb 28, 2005
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So in keeping with the mouthguard theme that seems to be on the forums lately Ill tell you how I like my new Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard. For only $9.99 this thing rocks! and it comes with a $10,000 dental warrenty. This is a boil and bite but different from most.

As you can see from the picture the gel is very thick, I thought their was no way I was going to get my teeth into this thing. But after 90second of boiling (as the instructions say) the gel became like a mold for your teeth, so after 20sec of fitting I ran it under cold water. I did the whole process twice to get a great fit. While it's not as nice as the high dollar mouthguards the fit is still comfortable and I can actually talk outta this one. The gel made a very deep, very detailed impression of my teeth. The impression of my teeth went to the bottom of the mouthguard, below the green in the picture, right where the support and shock absorbing half is. So the impression is a deep one. The piece is alittle big but fits well so it's not too noticable. Overall I am very pleased with it and would recomend it to those of us who might be saving for a bitme or opro but in the mean time need something cheap to keep our grills in working order.
The SD aren't bad at all. I carry these and have used one until just a few weeks ago when I got one from my DDS. The one from my DDS is worlds better but compare to other boil and bite the SD is a really good mouth piece. Thanks for the review, I think the SD is fine for just grappling and light sparring. But if you want to go full contact then a custom is the only way to go.
i own one and it is the reason i broke a tooth.

The bottom is HARD very hard. I took a good shot to the chin and it cause a mollar of mine to crack down the middle... besides that the thing is unbelievably uncomfortable to my lips/gums. It doesnt keep its shape. It warms up while in my mouth for 30 mins and then doesnt feel to bad. If i take it out and leave it in my gym bag for a day the next day i put it in it doesnt fit at all..

I will never use a boil/bite again. Just my $.02
I agree with Gsoares, this shit fuckin sucks. Used it for my last tournament and it was hard to breathe from it, and the size of it is waaaay too small. It's a piece of shit for 10 dollars, and will not help for MMA striking as the bottom is hard as fuck. I've worn better for a dollar.
I have used the cheap clear boil and bite and they never form to my teeth right at least the SD molds to my teeth. I never leave it in the car and I take it off in between sparring sessions. The bottom is hard. The custom ones starting at $70 are the way to go. I got one from my DDS and it cost me over $280.
For a boil and bit I dont know of anything better. I am definitally planning on getting a nice one but till I get the $$$ I need something to train in. Thanks for the feed back though, with all the mouthguard stuff I figure a review of one of the cheaper ones wouldent hurt :D
yeah thanks for the review. for boil and bite your right.. there isnt much better.

the cheaper ones are more comfortable but i bite through them..
Gsoares: Did you use the insurance on th emouthguard to get your tooth fixed? If so, how much of a hassle was it?

What do u use now? Biteme or opro?
The SD Gels are the best boil/bite. For $10 it fits me great. Stays in place & you can breathe/talk.

Can't afford the custom one's but I am happy with the SD.
I think you guys should look into the Brain Pad mouthguards. They arn't cheap either but I've been using my ProPlus for over a year and it's great. I've taken some decent shots in the jam (both kicks & punches) and shook them right off.
I think you guys should look into the Brain Pad mouthguards. They aren't cheap either but I've been using my ProPlus for over a year and it's great. I've taken some decent shots in the jaw (both kicks & punches) and shook them right off.

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