Shin locks, ankle locks, heel hooks

VagabondMusashi said:
you lock the foot of the leg that is over the other ankle in the opponents ankle of the trapped leg, then just extend your legs.

Ok that was a bit screwed up.

You have the opponent on your right, his right leg in between your legs. Your legs are crossed, your left ankled under your right knee. Place your right foot under his foot on his ankle. Stretch and lift your legs as your scoot out to the side to get his back.

They negelct footlocks for a reason. Position > Submission on your list of priorites.
Yes, study all the arts, leave none neglected. BJJ kind of just covers all the basics. Sambo took leglocks and ran with them, Catch Wrestling said, "Position? We don't need no stinking position." and learned to submit guys from anywhere.

Actually maybe you can help me. Aparently Mirada hates me, and thinks I'm retarted. (seriously, And he wont let me make a thread. Does it show any attacks from bottom mount and bottom side control? I only know a few leg locks from bottom mount, which i use effectively though.
Btw , go ahead and share with us the efficient leglocks from bottom mount you use!
No i got a whole bunch of escapes I use, and I use alot of attacks I dont expect to work, to make the opponent move. Probably my favorite one is a kneebar from kneeride bottom.

But footlocks from bottom mount? I am very flexible, so I dont know if they will work for most people, but I grab my foot, and put it in front of my opponents belly, push away, bring my other knee in, and lean back, securing a heel hook. You might ask, how are you supposed to put your foot in if the opponent is bearing down on you? Thats what I mean, I am that flexible. I use my foot like a needle, and thread in through my opponents arms, until i can get the leverage to push him away. For the heel hook or ankle lock.
what openings? please tell me some openings. I have done it to professional fighters, and they have not come close to submitting me from it. Please, tell me something you see that pro fighters do not.

I am not trying to be a smartass, Im just making a big deal about how my technique is super sexy.
Things change when you factor in punches. Position > submission in this case. BJJ emphasizes improving your position constantly. Going for hail mary subs can get you really fucked up off the mat if that is your primary style.
I personally love leg locks and I train BJJ. Of course I prefer no-gi grappling. I learned heel hooks when I was a white belt. Actually I 'm better with heel hooks than I am with a basic arm bar. I can take heel hooks from anywhere and it scares the shit out of a lot of people. If you leave your leg dangling...boom...heel hook. Trying to pass my guard standing......X-guard to heel hook. Butterfly sweep.....doesn't quite work....I'll grab your leg and go for a heel hook........Scramble --->heel hook. Give me too much space when I'm on the bottom of 1/2 guard.....I'll whip my leg around for a knee bar then if I have to...transition into a heel hook.

I have taken a couple of seminars with Erik Paulson. He was the first American Shooto champ.
As far as getting fucked up using hail mary subs....I'm not competing in MMA. I'm just gonna use it on grappling touneys and drunk guys at the bar who don't know anything.
Stoic1 said:
Things change when you factor in punches. Position > submission in this case. BJJ emphasizes improving your position constantly. Going for hail mary subs can get you really fucked up off the mat if that is your primary style.

I rarely go for hail mary subs, unless there is a good chance I will them. And there is much less control when punching is involved. It is so much easier to submit guys when you are punching them. And are you calling one of my mount escapes a hail mary move?
Oh yeah...more to this story.

I hated learning too early actually. When I was a white belt, a lot of the blue belts got upset that I knew that move. They were like "Hey, you're not supposed to know that. That's an advanced move!" Needless to say I tapped a fair amount of blue belts with that move. However, it really hindered me when I started doing competitions. Heel hooks are illeagal until you get to the intermediate division in NAGA and advanced division in GQ. So needless to say I wasn't that dominant in competition. I'll try competing again this year. I'm at a higher level now. I'll try to compete at intermediate by the end of the year.

Some people really get freaked out by that move b/c of the high injury rate if not applied respectfully. I've trained at many other gyms beside my own and people get all upset if you tyr to pull it on 'em. "We don't do that move here." "That move is too dangerous." "We don't train that move." WTF!!!
I love heelhooks, but I NEVER apply them in training. I just get the position, then move on. It is very dangerous, and alot of gyms dont even deal with them, because they can injure you very easily.
Cop the Fujiwara Submisson Masters DVD to add to your collection. I would also hit up 100 Submissions Arts by Hidetaka Aso.
Also try to find a copy of Wade Schalles instructionals. Thats pretty much all the catch material you need right there IMO. I went a step further and made myself a Catch instructional book using old pics from the old Catch greats.

Yeah, I am a bit crazy, but I really want Catch to stop getting a bad rep. I am training to prove the art works...although I am very far from proving it @_@