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This forum is moderated by admin who don't always have alot of time on their hands to read through mountains of irrelevent garbage or bantering to get to a legitimate comment or need. In order to make responses faster and more efficient frivolous posts will be deleted and postwhoring will result in a double yellow card.

Same with name changes, they used to not be a big deal due to the rarity of a guy screwing up his name coming on, now Customer Service and Board and Site have essentially become name change forums: "Change my name from Joe16 to JOE17" or "I lost a bet and need my name changed for three weeks". If a name change is that important, abandon your account for a new one. Pms requesting name changes, or account information swapping will be deleted as well.

Happy Trails.

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For account problems, or trouble registering, please send emails to [email protected] or send pms to this account.

Welcome! Sherdog is a private forum so posting is a priviledge, not a right. All rules are subjective to administrative interpretation.

Double Yellows: last 30 days. Members lose many posting abilities. Any infractions while carded = ban.

Double Yellow Infractions

1. Fighter Bashing (including refs, promoters and the like) won't be tolerated anywhere on the board. Criticism is fine, flaming isn't. Minor bashing such as "so and so sucks, is a dick, etc." is a double yellow, while extreme bashing like "so and so is a pile of shit, ***got, etc." will result in a ban.

2. Hateful Comments ("Shut up ***," "Fuck you Newb," etc.) - some leniency given to the off-topic area only.

3. Postwhoring. Posting "+1," "too long, didn't read," "rickson by armbar," empty quoting, etc., will result in a double yellow card and post count reduction.

4. Scrollbombs or posts designed to cause thread or computer problems.

5. Posting/soliciting video clips of events recently shown on pay per view.

6. Nudity. No bareass, assfloss, nipples or graphic poses, avatars included.

7. Copyright infringement. Ex: If a site posts and interview, post a link don't cut and paste the entire article.

Ban Infractions

1. Hateful comments. "Shut up ***," "Fuck you, Newb," etc.

2. Member Harrassment (including pms, threats).

3. Tape trading/selling.

4. Using an alternate account while carded.

5. Orchestrating forum raids.

6. Posting a private conversation or personal information without consent.

7. Trolling (posting ridiculous/racist/disturbing/pornographic comments, images or links).

8. Porn. Posting, quoting or outwardly soliciting/providing pornographic images or links. This means:
No rape threads/posts/images
No shit threads/posts/images
No beastiality threads/posts/images
No overtly pornographic threads/posts/images
No pedophile/incest threads/posts/images
No grossout threads/posts/images

9. Posting fight spoilers outside the spoiler forum (shows on tape delay in the U.S.)

***NOTE*** -- We're only interested in what happens regarding the website, if your brother, ex-girlfriend, or drunken asshole buddy gets into your account and starts posting infractions while you're on the toilet, the account will take the bullet regardless.

If you see a thread getting out of hand please pm a moderator and it will be taken care of.

Thanks, and enjoy the forums.
Sherdog MMA Discussion Frequently Asked Questions

Forum Related

Q. How many posts till I get such and such a belt?

150 = Yellow
250 = Orange (comes with ability to have an avatar under your name)
500 = Blue
950 = Green
1500 = Purple
2500 = Brown
5000 = Black (comes with ability to have custom text and/or a custom belt)
7500 = Red
10000 = Silver

Q. How do I send and view recieved Private Messeges, or change my avatar, password or email as well as check up on subscribed threads?

All of this can be achieved through the User Control Panel which can be accessed from the top of the site by clicking the button USER CP, there you can view subscribed threads/forums, edit your profile and manage your private messeges etc. You can also choose to have a "pop up" box remind you that you've recieved a private messege.

Q. Why don't my posts count towards my postcount?

Postcount is disabled in the following forums:

Sprechen Ze Jive
Pictures & Multimedia

Posts will not be counted in the above forums.

Q. I've cleaned out my PM box but it still says it's full?

Clean out your sent items folder. When ever you send a PM, it is copied into the Sent Item folder and takes up as much space as an incoming PM. The total PM box capacity is 70 messeges, you can regurarly check how full your PM box is from the Forums Index.

Q. How big are the avatars and when do I get one?

The avatars are 100 x 100 pixels and their maximum size is 10kb. You get one after 250 posts.


Q. .It says that the picture I'm trying to upload is too big, how do I reduce the size of the image so I can use it as an avatar?

The image must be 100 by 100 pixels and under 10Kb. Download Ulead GIF animator and under the "Optimise" tab reduce the size of the image and it will compress the quality and the size accordingly. You can also use this program to make, resize and add special effects to avatars in GIF format.

Ulead GIF animator 5.0 can be downloaded from www.download.com and is a 15 day trial.

Q. How do I post a picture?

Make sure it
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