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Augustus Caesar

Nov 30, 2012
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Welcome to Sherdog!

It is our hope that this forum will be your consolidated source for all mixed martial arts news, and your unified community.

This is a private forum - so posting is a privilege, not a right. All rules are subjective to administrative interpretation.

Forum Rules
  • No Fighter Bashing - Criticism is fine, but flaming is not. Please note that an unsubstantiated accusation of steroids and PEDs is fighter bashing. In regards to female fighters, posting inappropriate, sexual or graphic comments is considered trolling and fighter Bashing. This applies to their relatives and loved ones as well.
  • No Flaming/Hateful Comments - Do not go over the top with your fellow posters. Any graphic attack or comment that is deemed over the line will be met with an infraction worthy of the offense.
  • No Empty/Off Topic Posting - Do not make empty or off topic posts which do not contribute to the forums (e.g. "lol", "too long, didn't read," "Rickson by armbar," "huge if true," irrelevant pictures/gifs/videos, etc.). Do not make any tape trading, selling, or spamming posts.
  • No Graphic Posting - Do not post, quote, or solicit anything that is sexually graphic (including pedophilia and incest) or excessively gross. Posting pornography will result in a ban. Dead bodies, Street Fighting Videos, and visible urls to porn/nude sites are not allowed. Encouraging, promoting, celebrating, and responding to a pornographic thread is discouraged and could result in an infraction if deemed appropriate.
  • No Copyrighted Material - Do not copy and paste an entire article; and do not post, nor request, illegal streams. Avoid posting/soliciting video clips of events recently shown on PPV.
  • No Profanity in Thread Titles - Do not use profanity in thread titles. Do not circumvent the word filter by using alternative letters, numbers, symbols, spaces, fonts, etc., in a word to prevent it from being censored. Posting pictures with banned words on them also counts as circumventing the word filter.
  • Do Not Make Multiple Accounts - Registering or using an alternate account will result in an infraction or ban.
  • No Trolling - Do not make posts that are deliberately offensive or provocative with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. This includes making accusations of fixed fights and race-baiting posts. Orchestrating forum raids is also considered trolling and can result in a ban.
Violating any of these rules can result in a ban, depending upon its severity, the history of the poster, and the moderator's discretion.
  • Posting someone's personal information, porn/nudity, racism/racial and nonracial slurs are considered severe violations, which will result in a ban.
  • We're only interested in what happens regarding this website. So if your brother, ex-girlfriend, or roommate gets into your account and posts infractions, the account will take the bullet regardless.
  • Avatar and signature bets should be handled via PM. If a person bails on a sig/av bet, it is not a moderator's/admin's responsibility to fix the problem. Account bets are not permitted.
  • Please read threads stuck at the top of the subforums before posting in them. Rules are occasionally updated, so please pay attention to any stickies, and check this thread for updates.
  • Once you're banned, do not try to re-register by purchasing a Platinum account; the account will be banned and the money will be forfeited.
  • Use the report function or message a moderator if you see a poster violating any of these rules.
  • All threads will be closed after 1,000 posts. If it is a reoccurring thread, link the previous thread(s) in the new one.
  • If you have any questions, please contact a moderator or administrator for assistance.
Thank you, and enjoy the forums!
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The Lightweights Hand Guide

MMA threads that are not suitable for the main fight subforums, will be redirected to The Lightweights for further discussion. Please note that this is not a demotion, but rather a more appropriate forum.

Here are some of the type of threads that get moved to The Lightweights.
  • Personal Ranking Threads (e.g. Here is my top 10 pound-for-pound rankings)
  • Betting Threads (e.g. I just put $100 on Anderson Silva) - There will be a thread for these.
  • Joke threads (e.g. Chuck Liddell with that look in his eyes vs. Motivated B.J. Penn)
  • Rehashed Topic Threads (e.g. Nick Diaz 1,2,5. , Is Fedor the GOAT?)
  • Chat Threads (e.g. Which fighter would you want to go drinking with?)
  • Meme Threads (threads having memes or shoop videos as OP and nothing else)
  • Call Out Threads (e.g. "What happened to @xxxx?", "Don't be scared @xxxx")
Although these are the typical threads that get moved to The Lightweights, a thread may redirected there at a moderator's discretion for other reasons.
  • If a poster makes numerous joke threads, or has repeatedly made threads in the wrong forum, he may receive an infraction.
  • If you have a question, please direct your query to the support forum thread. Note that the support thread is for questions and explanations only, so please be civil when inquiring about a moved or deleted thread.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works.

How do I embed YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Dailymotion?
For all of these websites, you only need to insert the URL.

For example, if you put a URL like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0

You'll get this:

How do I mention a poster in a post?
To mention a poster, use the @ symbol, followed by the poster's username whom you want to mention.

For example, if you put @Augustus Caesar

You'll get this: @Augustus Caesar
How do I add or change my avatar?
If you look at the top right corner of the forum page, you'll see your username listed. When you click on your username, you'll see a dropbox filled with several options - choose the one listed as avatar. Then click on the choose file button, and upload a picture. Make sure you click save changes when you are finished.

What is the follow feature, and how does it work?
The follow feature allows for posters to stay connected with each other in the forum community. In order to follow a poster, you need to go on his/her profile page and click on the follow button. Once you are following a poster, you will be able to see his/her activity in Your News Feed, which is located in the right top corner, under your username, in the dropbox selection. You'll also be able to see when the members whom you follow are online by checking the forum homepage: http://forums.sherdog.com/ on the right-hand side.

Why am I unable to create threads, and at times unable to reply to other users?
A change was made to the forums on July 5th 2018 preventing white belts and yellow carded users from creating threads. White belts and those with an active yellow card are also limited to a maximum of 30 posts within a 24 hour period. This restriction will go away as soon as a user reaches Yellow belt at 150 posts or as soon as their yellow card expires (generally 30 days).
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Belt System and Name Colors

How many posts till I get such and such a belt?

150 = Yellow (unlocks ability to start threads)
250 = Orange (unlocks the Off Topic forum)
500 = Blue (will enable you to post in The War Room)
950 = Green
1500 = Purple
2500 = Brown
5000 = Black
7500 = Red
10000 = Silver
15000 = Gold
25000 = Steel
35000 = Titanium
50000 = Plutonium

What do these name colors mean?
- Standard Poster
Yellow - Restricted Poster
Green - Platinum Member
Purple - Professional Fighter
Cyan - Junior Moderator
Blue - Moderator
Red - Administrator
Light Green - Sherdog.com Staff Member
Pink - Fabulous

Infractions, Warnings, and Penalties There are predefined infractions that expire in 30 days and associated levels of punishment that incrementally disable privileges. Warnings are the same as infractions but carry no point penalty. Most infractions carry a 2 point penalty: Spammed Advertisements, Libel, Warez, Nudity-Porn-Offensive Content, Copyright Infringement, Inappropriate Language, Signature Rule Violation, Insulted Other Member(s) - Flaming, Trolling, Thread Hijacking, and Other Rule Violation. Other Rule Violation is used for infractions not specifically listed (eg illegal drug promotion, ignoring specific forum rules such as in the Mayberry Lounge).

Accumulation of 2 points = Yellow Card
Accumulation of 6 points = Double Yellow Card
Severe offenses may be issued a 10 point infraction resulting in a permanent ban.
Privileges are automatically restored as points expire.

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

Can I change my username?
Yes, this option is available to all Platinum members who have been registered for at least six months and have at least 50 posts. You can change your username once every four months. It can be done here. A name change can be denied if the username contains profanity, special symbols and/or characters, or is being used in a way to harass or mock another poster.

How can I upload a 'GIF' (animated) avatar?
The maximum size for a gif avatar is 192x192 pixels and the file size has to be under 2 MB.

When did Sherdog add the 'like' button?
In December 2015, Sherdog switched from the vbulletin engine to Xenforo and that software included the ability to like posts.

How many 'likes' can I give out per day?
Standard posters are limited to 50 likes per day, while Platinum members are limited to 75 likes. If they used it all up within the span of 24 hours, then they won't be able to like posts until their likes reset after several hours. Also, old posts that are dated more than a month since it's been posted can no longer be liked. Having Double Yellow Card infractions also restricts you from liking posts.
***(As of 7/2/2022 standard posters can now give out 500 likes per day and unlimited likes for plat users)***

Where is the "The Great Beyond" and how can I access it?
You can access "The Great Beyond" here https://forums.sherdog.com/forums/the-great-beyond.78. This forum is for chat threads and a place for all other Sherdog General Discussion. From Religion, to Aliens, to Conspiracy Theories, and so on.

Why was my thread deleted, moved, or merged?
You can ask in this thread.

Can you delete my account?

Yes, although we will be sad to see you go, please contact an administrator to have this done. We follow GDPR privacy policies, so we will remove your account upon request. However, we will not be able to remove all of the posts you made, so instead we can attribute those posts to a placeholder name that does not identify you.

Additional Rules and Guidelines
  • Do not bump old threads for trolling purposes - bumping very old threads and posts just to get attention and reaction is prohibited. These old threads bumped by worthless posts with no content and nonsensical posts eat up space and waste everyone's time. Prediction threads or 'prospect' threads that 'aged/didn't aged well', we can allow. Context matters. Other than these exceptions, anyone failing to follow this will find themselves with some shiny dubs (Double Yellows.)
  • If a thread is moved to another forum or deleted, do not remake the thread. If you are unhappy with the decision, feel free to stop by this thread in the Support forum to ask about the move/deletion. Moderators move/delete a lot of threads, so legitimate threads sometimes get mixed with the numerous troll/empty threads. In the event that your thread was legit, we have no problems restoring it.
  • Check the stickies and front forum page before starting a new thread. Often, when there is breaking news (Fighter x is injured, tested positive for PEDs, promotion buy out, etc.) or a hot topic (media scrum, press conference, weigh ins, etc.) we will provide a discussion sticky for the topic.
  • Disruption of Services - This includes poster/staff call out threads, inciting flame wars or forum raids, spamming threads merely for the poster's agenda, gifs, large photos and scrollbombs designed to cause thread or computer problems, and abusing the report button will result to yellow card infractions or a permanent ban and notification to your ISP.
  • Banned words - Yes, there are words which we filter here at Sherdog. What is the best way to find out if a word is banned? Simple, type the word into the reply box. Next, hit "preview post." If the word is automatically censored (i.e. the text turns into emojis), it is a banned word. Do not post pictures with these words on them. Attempting to get around it by using other techniques will get you banned too.
  • Race-baiting and Religion bashing posts and threads (Cain Velasquez Brown Pride tattoo, "We get it, it's because you're an x race/religion" etc.), are not permitted.
  • Discussing fighters who are on TRT or who have failed drug tests - Choose your words wisely: The fighter bashing rule still applies! Opinions about TRT and PEDs are fine. For example, something like, "I feel TRT is a loophole that allows fighters to cheat," is okay. Saying, "TRT user x is a cheating douchebag," is not. Be sure to state your opinion without slinging insults.
  • Do not troll pro fighters' and media members posts/threads - occasionally, some fighters and media members post here to reach out to fans, answer questions, and ask for feedback and suggestions. Trolling them by telling things like "STFU", "you should retire", "your articles suck" will result to dubs (6 points). Those who dig up old threads after a fight to troll, especially after they lose, will also be handed with dubs - no exceptions
  • Undefined - Obviously we can't anticipate every situation. For that reason, the Sherdog forums reserves the right to remove any user at any time for any reason. If we think you're trying to manipulate the system or being toxic and disruptive in the boards, you'll be removed. Follow the golden rule and treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself and you won't have any problems

Lastly, if you have any questions about the rules, feel free to contact a moderator. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

For the full list of FAQ and Forum Rules, click here

Thanks for reading.
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