Shaq O'Neal on Passing the Guard.

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May 24, 2004
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Cool to see Shaq doing a drop on the Passing the Guard TV show on KDOC. He was just on for a second and said "This is Shaq and you're watching Passing the Guard" but cool still. Last few weeks the show has been featuring past UFC's and just showing highlights and finishes of the fights.
can you dig it?

i dig.
Damn, i read the title of this thread and i was hoping shaq was going to be giving us advice on how to pass the guard :)
Shaq's passing the guard would be to put his weight on the guy and elbow the crap out of him. I don't know how he would pass the guard in MMA though.
Shaq passing the guard?

and what awaits those who pass his.
atleast hes trying to be funny. The world is too serious nowadays
thats why his free throws suck

"shaq, come shoot around "
"fuck that, im gonna roll'
oh ok
I like Shaq. He is a mma fan and if he does promos for the shows, even better.

I can dig it too.
I read that the ads he appeared in for TUF he shot for free simply because he was a fan of the sport. He'll probably get free entrances to any UFC he wants, but that applies to any event/party/club a big celebrity goes to.