Shaolin private review and response from him on accusations


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Jul 17, 2002
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my private with vitor ribeiro went well.
he showed me the ezeliel from the back mount and one more choke from there i hadnt seen with a transition to and armbar.

he asked how i passed the open wasnt what he wanted to see, so we worked on three ways to pass, two-i knew and one i didnt, it was a good review for mistakes i have been making.

i asked about a side control escape where the guy controls your pants at the butt, but his arm is between your legs. he said there really isnt much of and escape from that wayy of holding it, so he showed me ways to keep the guy from getting the arm there in transition.

we talked about how flexibility limits your game and how to work with what you have. he said i should stretch a lot more and work on my flexibility.

he showed detail in all aspects of what he showed me, i reccomend a private with him for anyone interested, it was definitly one of the better ones i have gotten
this is a response from another forum from vitor.
this is in regards to the accusations about him on the internet.

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glad you had a good private.

that sucks that people have to go on the internet to respond to shit like that.
there is just too much shiot being talked in the bjj community...the rule shold be if you don't have FIRST HAND knowledge of the situation then STFU
the guy that has the problem has posted all over forums, it would have been better to handle without making shaolin out to be a bad guy.
Awesome. Sounds like you had a great lesson.
actually he said

" a hug to all of you,

i like it that way better. more brazilian. :D
Nice thread and posts.

Does he allow people to vid/photo the private? I want pics! :D

I like him a lot and got to watch him fight in Hawaii.
i heard he does allow taping of the privates, i didnt have my video so i couldnt, i didnt ask wither though.
i got one pic with him , i will try to post it, i didnt know anyone there, so i couldnt get any "in action" shots.
I confirm Shaolin allows taping of privates...

Guardpasser, Shaolin also told me how important flexibility is. I remember when we were doing stretches before the beginning of the private he wwent for the full split...I was like "DAAAAAMN" lol

I try to do stretches everyday now!
Nice pic! If I ever get the chance I am taping everything including my tapping to whatever submission he gets on me! :redface:
hey jj
i am going to a relson seminar in North Carolina in two weeks, any thing i should try to get him to show????