Setups: Left hook to the body?


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Oct 29, 2002
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What are some good strategies/combos to set up the liver shot?
I like lead right, left hook.

If they parry the right, they will slightly twist a bit exposing their gut for the left hook (assuming same stance fighters).
Pretty much anytime after ya throw a right cross and you're in close. Or is you side step to the left, but that's usually not recommended, at least against orthodox fighters.
TJS said:
What are some good strategies/combos to set up the liver shot?

wait for a right cross, slip to the left, and the liver should be wide open.

but easier said than done. the hardest part is balance. me nor some experienced boxers have a slight difficult time aiming for the liver. personally, whenn i slip and aim for the liver, sometimes my step to the left was too heavy and when i aim for the liver, my hips fall foward and i end up upercutting.
Some I use:

-Basic 1,2,1 (jab, cross,left hook)

-1,1,1 (Jab, left hook to the face, left body hook) Practiced just using my leading arm only to develop speed, snap and power doing multiple left hand techniques.)

-12,1 (Right overhand or cross, left uppercut/liver hook or shovel punch)

-1,2,1 (jab, Right leaping elbow, left liver hook. Was practicing this one yesterday, feels great to jump and lay into them with the elbow and then fire off a hook as you land near them)

-3, 1 (Left low kick, left liver hook)

-3,3,1 (Left low kick, switch-step and left knee to liver, left hand hook to liver or face. Cool combo when you get it fluid. The trick is bringing your foot all the way to the rear after landing the low kick and firing off the knee from there. The knee sets up a nice right hand or left hand technique).

1,2, sway liver hook. (Just a jab, cross, then duck a counter and slip to his exposed liver.)

The possibilites are endless. Just work on some combos that feel good and seem like they would work and then try em out sparring.
Overhand Right to Left Hook. Or left hook to overhand right. One of these will land and your opponent will be hurt. I personally like to set it up with a double jab. Never fails
usually i do a fake right low kick followed by a liver shot, like shoji said, the possibilities are endeless
I agree, many possibilities.

But why would you want to setup a liver shot with your hands?
Why not use liver shot to setup KO from another strike.
Or better still use head strikes to setup a knee to the liver.