Selling Tapout shorts with BTT patch and also BTT rashguard


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Dec 28, 2002
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Hey guys, I'm trying to get some money for a new gi so I'm getting rid of some of my gear.
I'm selling....

Red Tapout shorts with a BTT patch sewed onto the ass, I bought the shorts as a "large". I've worn them about 5 times and they look like new.


A BTT rashguard that's been worn 2 times and have no stains or dispatching. You can see it here straight from the BTT site...

Of course since the items are not new I am not looking for the full price but would like to at least get something decent for them as I am in need of that new gi. PM me or just respond in this thread.
Sounds interesting. What size is the rash guard?
the rash guard is Large and after being washed still resembles a large size
Prices? Can you showa pic of the shorts?
Shorts were just sold, sorry man.

if you want the rash guard make a offer