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Apr 5, 2008
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I'm a noob when it comes to the ground game and wanted to know if there is anything you can do without a partner to work on your ground game. I feel like I could use some more training besides the work I'm getting in at my gym. I was thinking about getting a grappling dummy with arms but those things are freakin expensive. Thanks for your help
There really is no substitute for a resisting partner and good instruction.
really the biggest thing you can do is stretching for flexibility, windsprints to work on takedowns, sprawls to work td defense and things of that nature to atleast get the motions in
If you already are a good grappler, perhaps their is some drills you can do to help you not forget movements. But anything you try to learn by yourself is only going to end up being a burden to unlearn when someone tries to teach you how to do things correctly. The only thing you can do for know is get in shape. Lift some weights, swim, do some yoga, whatever.. just don't try to teach yourself how to grapple.
There are a ton of solo drills you can do.

But they will only help a little. You should try and get someone to train with. Any training is better than no training.