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Jun 23, 2004
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why does it seem like i cant find any specific search results before the year 2005 when i make the specific adjustment to for ex 6 months or older. Like I remember there were results when I would type it in before, but now it doesn't work..
I was about to make a thread about this. I understand that the server doesn't like it when too many people are all searching at the same time, so I understand the whole making you wait a minute between searches. We all come here to waste time, so it isn't a huge deal. Limiting search results to 125 is reasonable enough as well. But it seems like every search I do only brings up results from the last couple of months, whereas before a search might bring up threads from as early as 2001. What's going on?
I made a thread in the "customer service" folder to improve the search function, just because double threads are frequent and nobody is encouraged to use it, as it's now.

But Sherdog still haven't replied.