Scary bit from A Clockwork Orange...

Matt in Oz

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May 29, 2002
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Tomorrow I'm going to get Lasik treatment.

First they put these clamps on my eyes like in a Clockwork Orange which hold my eyelids open.
Then they slice a circle through my cornea and fold it over backwards.
Finally after shaving my lens with a laser they fold the cornea back and hopefully it heals

Throughout all this I'm gonna be awake and I have to stare at one spot so that they don't fuck up my eyes.

Anyone else had this done? What scary operations have any of you had?
I've had one of my balls takin away from me
MY ex girlfriends mother had it done about 3 years ago. HEr eyes were puffy for a day or two and she said they itched and were irritated. Then she was fine.

It's probably even better now
i couldnt stare at one point and keep my eyes there, my eyes would be totally fucked if i had a surgery like that!
good luck on the surgery bro
Originally posted by scat
good luck on the surgery bro

Cheers scat, I'm a bit nervous, but it should mean no more lost contact lenses.:D
Originally posted by Duncan
I wanna get that done. I'm practically blind without my contacts. One question how much did it cost you Matt?

I'm going to this guy in SYdney who's done over 3000 eyes with no major complications, and it's going to cost $2200 AUD per eye.

$4400 AUD altogether.
I want to get that Lasik thing done too, doc says i should wait a year or so cuz am only 18. Please tell me how it turns out for you and good luck
Yeah I had to have eye surgery because I had an ulser that burnt my retena. It was weird but just concentrate and you'll be fine.
Good luck man...

This might mean no more sherdog posting for a few days while your eyes heal
I've been considering it for a while now, but I have to admit the procedure sounds pretty horrible. Good luck man, and tell us all how it turns out.
you better ask them if they are going to show you some horror show movies while playing the "ninth." thats what i would be worried about.