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sasquatch open


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Jul 17, 2005
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so who all is going to watch and who is going to compete? me i was planning on competing until i saw how much the tournament is and the fact that i pay all much as i would at the pan ams and can only do 1-2 divisions. 85 dollars is to much to pay for a local tourney and not be able to roll all day;) shit aleast let people do a few divisions. i wanted to do blue, purple, brown and black with the gi and then interm. to expert / adv. in no gi. but anyway i'm going to watch can't pay that kind of money and not be able to test myself in multiple divisions.
I would go and compete but I as well can't really afford that much.
I'm competing, but agree that the $ is along the same lines as a NAGA. If I didn't know the guy that was putting it on I'd probably skip it and go to that JJ tourney in Chicago that same day