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Sambo in Toronto


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May 17, 2005
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anybody know of any sambo schools in this area, this seems like an appealing style to me and im very much intrested but its hard to find any information or school directories.
You could try here...

A Russian Martial Art
11 Glen Cameron Road,
Thornhill, ON L3T 4N3

I don't know this school or even if they teach sambo or systema, but they have an add in the yellow papers so you can give them a call.. Other than that, train jiu jitsu and sponge of sambo guys whenever they come to your gym.
thats systema man...I'm looking for a sambo club as well I used to train at elite kombat we had a great coach he was a sambo master in russia a few times and helped with the belarus judo team etc! But sadly my club closed down n it sucks cuz we only had like 15 regulars so it was like family!

I wish I could find a sambo place NOT SYSTEMA in Toronto/Brampton/Mississauga!
Here is every place I know of in Canada (that were not mentioned above):

This is Eugene Shewchuk's school. FIAS Canada rep. He can help you locate something. Tell him I sent you his way.

This is Igor Yakimov's group - a modern legend in sambo. Great Coach.

These guys might be able to point you in some directions.
THanks for the links sambo steve but the only one I found anywhere near us is in Ottawa...that club looks pretty nice! But its like 4 hours away drive!

I was interested in this club http://www.combatsambo.ca/ However to me it seems a little bit like Vaisilev's systema and to be honest I think that stuff is not realistic! But if you know these guys maybe you could provide some info on whether its a decent club or not!

I only know of that school from the website. I know nothing about them really and have never heard of anyone talk about them is either sambo or other Russian Martial Art circles. They could be more old school combat sambo or like systema. It is hard to tell from the site. Best bet is to check it out for yourself. Be sure to ask about training against resistance and sparring. Go with a good list of questions and if they don't let you watch or try a class...adios.

Contact the other schools anyway and ask if they know folks more local to you. There are always places you can't find on the internet.

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