Rustam Khabilov has the greatest Twitter handle ever.


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Oct 8, 2010
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I am speechless.

Also he's a beast fighter.

I am speechless.

Also he's a beast fighter.

This isnt a shoop? I didnt even notice that lol. He must be a russian spy or something...numbers are safer than words.
I'm impressed by his performance
I missed his fight and can't find a way to watch it. I'm so anxious.
I was just saying he was my new favorite fighter, when that came on the screen!.. Talk about cementing an opinion!!! Lol this guy is awesome
Can I just point out my amusement at the 8 people he follows.

Greg Jackson, Brandon Gibson, Frank Mir... going okay here.
Jennifer Lopez? Uh okay. Usher? Sure thing. Oprah. Is he for real?

Seeing as he has no tweets yet I think UFC has told him he had to make an account and this happened.
Is it too soon to board this war wagon.... that's hilarious hahaha
lol he follows Terrence J; it was probably his charming role in Think Like A Man that prompted Rustam to follow him.
must be a secret code to launch the Russian nukes