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International Russia/Ukraine Megathread V15

Very true, russians of course lie by nature but UKR you tubers have a few really bad ones too. Divine Justice , The enforcer and even times radio spew a ton of BS. When the headline reads "its all over" you know to skip that load of crap.

Jake Broe showed a clip today of professor Timothy Synder saying we are almost like's it's 1938 agains where Hitler invaded the czech but they didnt fight back even tho they could have because at the time they had a strong army. Hitler went on to seize their military and resources going forward making them stronger. Difference is in 2022, UKR is fighting back, imagine if he would have taken UKR in the days and weeks that he thought would have happened. He could have conscripted a massive army and resources before he moved on to Baltics ,Maldova and then Poland all while the West played political games.
Last thing from where Baltics might get lectures about history and geopolitics & military or finances is holy Ukraine.
Baltic banking sector is almost 100% owned by western investors and their fiscal audits results are better than for commercial banks in Germany. Considerably better. Ofc Luxembourg level they yet didn't had reached.
Also about cocky " large country " artitude: after WW1 Baltics managed to force Communists and Germany to recognize their statehood despite idiots while Okraina didn't had managed to do this and therefore Ukr conscripts had been used in war against Finland: real boodbath....

Ofc for deUkrainization better might be to subjugate Ukraine, then conscript 18-60 y.o ukrainians and then throw this meat against Finland, Baltics, Poland, Romania etc.

And cos real reason europe does knows that some uncles are thinking that Europe will be kurds No2, Vietnam No2 etc.
Therefore slow supplies for war plandemic laboratorium in Ukraine. Cos europe does need to have ability to fight without . ...support. And then mobilize ukr meat will get damn a lot of cluster ammo, napalm etc....generous supplies done immediately.
In recent combat operations within the Kharkiv region, a brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed several Rosomak IFVs. Despite numerous attempts by Russian forces to neutralize these vehicles using Lancet drones, all attempts have been thwarted, showcasing the Rosomak's robust defense and mobility.

Significant international support enabled the procurement of these vehicles, a total of 200 KTO Rosomak IFVs. The deliveries started in July 2023 and were made possible through the European Union and the United States funding. This international backing underscores the global recognition of Ukraine's strategic importance amidst its conflict with Russia.

Open-source information confirms the delivery timeline and the international funding assistance, underscoring the strategic partnerships bolstering Ukraine’s military capabilities. The Rosomak IFVs, known for their advanced armor and high mobility, are a formidable asset in the ongoing conflict.

The Rosomak armored vehicle, developed in the early 2000s, entered service with the Polish Army in 2005. It is based on the Finnish Patria AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle) and produced under license by Wojskowe Zakłady Mechaniczne (WZM) in Poland.

The Rosomak IFVs, depending on their configuration, are equipped with a variety of armaments. The standard IFV variant features a 30mm Mk 44 Bushmaster II automatic cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, and can also be outfitted with anti-tank guided missiles. Its mobility is ensured by an 8x8 wheeled chassis powered by a Scania DI 12 diesel engine, providing it with a maximum speed of around 100 km/h and an operational range of approximately 800 km. The vehicle's design allows it to traverse various terrains and obstacles, making it highly versatile on the battlefield.

As usual, the first part of the meeting included updates on the critical situation on the ground, particularly the Russian offensive around Kharkiv and attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. This was followed by presentations on the most urgent needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and their long-term requirements.
During the ministers' speeches, Robles emphasized the collective obligation to "urgently provide the support that Ukraine deserves and needs" given the critical situation on the ground. She highlighted Spain's considerable efforts, particularly in training, and provided updates on the preparation of the substantial aid package to be delivered to Ukraine with contributions from the Spanish defense industry.
Spain has already sent tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In 2023, it had sent nearly 10 Leopard 2A4 tanks and began preparing the delivery of 19 more Leopard 2A4s.
The Leopard 2A4 is a main battle tank designed by Germany, characterized by its firepower, enhanced protection, and mobility. Its primary armament includes a 120mm L55 smoothbore gun, accompanied by a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun and an anti-aircraft 7.62mm machine gun mounted on the loader's hatch. This tank features standard-spaced multilayer armor, with improved protection over the front of the turret and spall liners inside the turret to enhance crew safety. Used by numerous countries, the Leopard 2A4 is recognized for its combat effectiveness. It weighs 62,000 kg in combat conditions, allowing it to reach a maximum road speed of 72 km/h.
The Leopard 2A4 has accessories such as infrared night vision and an NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) protection system, increasing its operational capabilities in various environments. It has a range of 500 km, enabling prolonged deployments without frequent refueling. With a crew of four, this tank measures 7.70 meters in length, 3.70 meters in width, and 3.00 meters in height, offering an optimal balance of firepower, protection, and mobility on the battlefield.
The precise date of the delivery of the second batch of Leopard 2A4 tanks has not been disclosed, likely for security reasons. While the support of battle tanks is paramount for the forces, a small number of such tanks will not alter the balance of power on the Ukrainian front.
Guy i posted on last page said problem with media in west regarding this conflict is they show best ukrainian units and worst russian ones

Its a lot closer on ground in reality according to him
This kind of propaganda ever make me perplexed
I mean i understand underdog needs morale boost, but is also true that backfire because it make clash with reality much worse

Plus was probably made also to make west more willing to invest with the perspective of a win, but it generated also bullshit like the ukranian summer offensive done to impress "sponsors" that wasted so many lives and tools
Sweden promised aid for "as long as it takes."

But as long as it takes for what? To reclaim Crimea? To reach a peace deal?
Sweden doesn't care in reality. While unlike Ukraine they does have working MIC complex and more impactful economy than Ukr had before war.....this is reality ..
Finland too does have more impactful economy than Ukraine + Belarus had before war 2022 th...
About what kind of peace deal there might be talks? Putin is thinking that all Ukraine is Russia and sooner or later will be Russia. Any paper signed by Putin is lesser worth than used peace of toilet paper and ....it is laughable to talk about their papers. Russia respects only force and Ukraine never will recognize Crimea as part of Russia for a reason.
When in 2010 th Huilo, Shoigu and vodka Medvedev + Patrushev had signed agreement about naval base rent in Sevastopol, one clown begged for discounts for natural gas supplies ...and Putin told that Crimea is Ukraine and therefore there will not be more extra discounts.....
2014 th: Putin: Crimea is Russia.

So we are waiting " peace " toilet paper No xx and definitely will see next war laboratorium called war in Ukraine No2 , No3 etc. We should live with this reality and get this reality if we are not delusional idiots living in Dreams....
And don't worry about Ukraine alone.
Austria btw too maybe is on plate because Putin definitely is re playing Hitler's texbook , even excuses are the same kind of bullshit.

Some propagandists long ago had warned Putin that deadly biolabs with combat mices had been relocated to Austria, Moldova and Armenia. Deadly combat super secret mices laboratoriums should be defeated and neutralised.
BTW in Ukraine now more and more popular is mode to blame about all stuff west...
Biden is suspected about possibility that he might had allowed invasion because before invasion relocated embassy personnel from Kiev and navy ships from Black Sea and there are suspicions that Biden maybe loves Russia and therefore doesn't allows to strike russian territory with weapons supplied by U.S.
Germany is suspceted that they loves Russia and wants Russia to win.
Europe is considered as dumb and weak while Ukraine is waiting this month casual Cash transfer from " stupid and weak & dumb " Europe. Casual 1,5 b EUR monthly portion to get money for salaries and pensions etc like stuff.
Sweden promised aid for "as long as it takes."

But as long as it takes for what? To reclaim Crimea? To reach a peace deal?
2027 atm or until you yanks put an end to it.

This is what a deal lasting until the end of 2026 means.

Accept the Russians have had Thurst vectoring missiles since 1982....

We didn't use this tech until 2003 which the Aim-9X came into service for us.
They had even a bit earlier...in 1970 ies too...while these are expensive and unlike with classic shells or mines they can't quickly rack up production.

It is like if we compare time they need to produce batch with Krasnopol shells vs batch with simple conventional shells.
Next shit for Ukraine ....Zelensky administration really had failed with Romania.
They needed to talk with them without open texts for mass media.
Now Romania looks that will put not only possible Patriot delivery but IMHO all other military aid proposals and questions through their security Council....
And this really might mean till POTUS inauguration in January 2025 th.

Archer is no joke

BTW these old soviet missiles does have also terrorists like housithes in Yemen etc.
They are placing them on rails installed to be used on " technical " or trucks.
While when used in ground to air mode these missiles does have shorter range if compare with air to air usage, still range is more than MANPADS might provide + warhead too is larger than for MANPADS.

Innovations there appeared Ukr ability to install such stuff on naval drone....AFAIK no one before Ukr had imagined to do such stuff.
Putin and his friends are very angry. They had fired a lot of their harcore supporters because Putin's office had assumed that in best case Kiev will have enough quickly to go 404 quickly or most likely torture by covid plancinema plandemic europe will not provide UKR financial support enough quickly or as third option hope that Europe maybe will not manage to fill fuel storage before 2022/2023 th winter ....while they were wrong....

Girkin and Co praised and glorificied Putin and yelled that they soon will be in Lisbon and at least in Berlin and Paris.

Hardcore putinoid Girkin now is in prison, neoNazi Utkin is done and businessman chief Progozin is done. This is payment you might get when you are too close to Emperor Circle....