Royce in December match

I think he's fighting some giant korean guy. 7 feet plus.

Doesn't Royce ever fight "fighters" anymore?
he will probably be fighting someone who doesn't deserve to be in there with him.
oh well, he is getting paid , i am sure, i dont blame him, i would do it to
no doubt. But.. in general the freakshow element of MMA is getting tired and needs to go.
the industry wants more fans though. Its works in wrestling so they put freaks in there... with no talent. They are just huge... and been training for like 2 years.
word on the street is that he is fighting bob sapp, strange you not having heard this
that is a rumor i heard, but i dont want to spread rumors that may not be true, i really dont pry into his matches until they are announced, knowing his manager and letting out something that shouldnt be out is not what i would want to do.
Yeah, the rumor is he's definately going to be fighting another huge guy. Most likely Bob Sapp, but the big Korean giant is another consideration. I can't wait!
They should try a Royce Gracie vs Vitor Belfort match. See if Belfort's done or not, and see how Gracie fares against former contenders.
I heard Sapp. I wish he'd accept Genki's challenge instead.
i fight with genki would be great, but i think that one is the best fit for rickson to fight, it would be the biggest mma match eva i think.
and have royce on the card against bj penn
thats not too much to ask for is it????
Him fighting Sapp I wouldn't mind seeing....since imo, Sapp would be the favorite to win.

Him fighting the Korean giant.....freakshow fight that we are referencing and shouldn't happen and I wouldn't watch it.
He won't be fighting Sapp, it is indeed the big Korean dude that just fought Akebono. Royce told me that...
Yeah, the Sapp rumours were floating around a month or 2 back.
Bad match-up imo.
I actually think that Royce-Sapp would be very competative. If Royce steps into the ring with Sapp, then he has real balls.
I heard from someone who trains with Buddy Clinton(one of Royces students) K-1 offered him 2 mil to fight Sapp on NYE.
maybe i will pry a little bit and ask if there is a deal signed or what the latest on it is.
The Sickness said:
He won't be fighting Sapp, it is indeed the big Korean dude that just fought Akebono. Royce told me that...

yes, a friend of royce told me this too