Rousey just came out at Royal Rumble, signs full time deal with WWE

Discussion in 'Pro Wrestling Discussion' started by Meathead Jock, Jan 28, 2018.

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    I hate stuff like this. Pose with someone you are going to be having a match with at Wrestlemania like you are best of friends, then expect fans to buy into a beef. Can't they show even the tiniest amount of kayfabe? And they wonder why fans are turned off their product...

    Twitter should be used to further story lines like the UFC does. That is something the WWE can learn from them. Don't pull the curtain back anymore than you have to.

    Instead of a tweet like this, some of the female wrestlers/divas whatever the hell they call them now could have tweeted something about Ronda wishing she were back in the UFC because she will have a bulls-eye on her and has nowhere to run. #dontcry. I understand they are already starting that with the women, but paying attention to details, Rousey past, should be acknowledged. Even if they don't want acknowledge specifics, tell her she is entering a meat grinder and she is going to be eaten alive. People that say WWE fans don't know who Rousey is is laughable. Everyone knows who she is. That is why she is in the WWE, because of the cross-over appeal. Her face was plastered on TV, magazines and trending online constantly.

    Rousey should be posing with someone other than Stephanie or HHH if they want to do a tweet like that. Have it be Vince or some other office big wig. Hell, they could have even done a tie-in with the XFL and had Rousey with a jersey that says "She Hate Me." (Or would the gay mafia come down on the WWE for using that pronoun? )

    Think WWE! Think!!!!

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