Round 4 was obviously Bisping

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Pinky not Clyde, Feb 28, 2016.

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    I've watched the round 3-4 times and Anderson didn't really do much until the last 30 seconds. It seems like his strategy was to stand upright and try to counter Bisping, using little energy in the process, and then turn things on when he sensed that Bisping might be tired in the latter portion of the round. The problem was that Bisping kept a good pace moving in and out while Anderson was against the fence, and then Bisping was able to counter pretty effectively at the end despite having less energy. You can't just do nothing for 4:30 and then land 3-4 shots to steal a round (unless you do significant damage and knock the person down). When you're a fan watching a fight you tend to remember the last 30 seconds better than the rest, but if you look at the round as a whole with scoring in mind there's no question it was Bisping.

    What amazed me was that Anderson just circled Bisping at the start of the round instead of attacking. It was like he wanted to tire him out and toy with him. Props to Bisping for having a strong will and not giving up. With Anderson being evasive Bisping could have taken the round off to recover, but instead he pushed the action and it won him the fight.

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