Ronda vs Floyd MW; Gus vs JJ 2; DC vs JJ; Cain vs Werdum

Discussion in 'The Lightweights' started by Painkiller1017, Jun 7, 2014.

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    Ronda Rousey is basically a jjist and wrestler. No punching power whatsoever. Floyd's just gonna punch rabbits outta her and she go to sleep in 1-2 min. If it goes by any chance to the ground then MW would probably outstrike her from that position. So I'd give Ronda only a 5-10% win over MW.

    Gus vs JJ 2: jones will probably train his boxing alot, cause we must admit gus is the best boxer by far. JJ (supposedly better wrestler) was not able to take Gus to the ground, whilst Gus took him twice or even three times, but was not able to controlo him and JJ got up. So Jones gotta train even harder on takedowns, and if he manages to overcome Gus's takedown defence then he will probably be dominant. I believe it's his only hope, groundgame. Cause Gus is just a better boxer. Jones's leg kicks have no great power really, he's no crocop; it's just a way to keep his opponent out of reach. I'd say jones 40% Gus 60% (why? better boxer, better td defence, is pissed off by last fight)

    DC vs JJ: DC wins hands down, heavier hands and better wrestling; only chance JJ has is keeping the guy out of reach the whole fight and distance-box him. He can do that to rampage but DC is too clever and will surely go for the takedown or clinch game. I say DC 70% JJ 30%

    Cain vs Werdum: why do we have to wait so long for a decent HW fight??? I was hoping JDS would fight miocic :mad:. I think cain wins easily, I just believe he's on a whole different level. Werdum is a good fighter, good jj and improving his muay thai...just not the man to beat Cain...he was totally dominated by JDS...why is he even getting a shot? I think it makes little sense. Only reason for this fight is seeing Cain vs a groundgame fighter.

    See ya all!!
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    When i saw the title i thought ronda vs floyd would be at middleweight, which would be more interesting
  3. IloveTHIS

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    thank you for bringing back the legendary Floyd/Ronda debate. I can't wait for the 500 threads that follow. we were almost done with it

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