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Jun 11, 2005
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I'm going to be attending a Robson Moura workshop in October. I'm excited and all given his credentials. Unfortunately, I don't really know anything of him than what I have read on a couple websites. Basically, that he did well at ADCC 2001 and had some Shooto fights.

I was hoping the grappling heads here could enlighten me a little more. Thanks!
He is a Nova Uniao 2nd degree black belt. He also has pretty solid standup, he has been training muay Thai for a few years. He is very small, like 145 lbs or so. He is very quick and moves very well. He is friends with my instructor (and lives very close to our school) so I have had the opportunity to train with him and he is extremely hard to get any kind of offense going against. He is a good teacher and has tons of competition experience. You will learn alot in a seminar with him. He is also supposed to fight again in Shooto in the next couple months. He recently opened a school in Hockessin, Delaware (about 10-15 minutes from UD). Hope that helps.
i attended/got promoted at one of his seminars a year ago....he is awesome
i've been to a few seminars and had a few privates with some relatively big name jiu jitsu guys, and his was by far the best...pedernieras says he's his best student..which says quite a bit considering who he's turned out...did i mention his seminars are awesome?
Thanks, guys! This is super helpful. It's gonna be great. Especially for my upcoming competition. Plus, I think we're close in size from what you guys have told me. That's a plus in my book.

kneecompression said:
oh yeah, make sure to ask about his favorite knee on stomach stuff

I'll make sure to, even if I have to be the dummy. hahaha. Thanks again!

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