Robbie Peralta's next fight?


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Jun 15, 2012
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When is he fighting again? I'd like to see him fight a little bit more to really see what he's capable off, possibly getting a step up in competition.
Peralta vs Elkins/Gamburyan
Anybody else have any suggestions?
Elkins or Gamburyan would be good.

Dias (if he doesn't get Mendes again) or Hioki/Guida winner would be a good fight too.
Would like to see him fight Poirier personally.
I like Darren Elkins. Maybe Eddie Yagin once he recovers.
Elkins should fight Poirier or Mendes he deserves it. Peralta vs Brandao sounds good. Sup with Bermudez?
I like the Gamburyan fight dont be surprised to see that crop up on the prelims at UFC 157.
This dude is a solid dark horse in the FW division. Hope he fights soon cus all his fights have been pretty awesome so far.
He needs a step up, someone who can strike with him though.

Rony "Jason" would be cool
i dont get what the UFC is thinking with Peralta, he gets a KO in 20 seconds and then here we are 3 months later and hes not booked. They should have gotten him a December or January fight. I feel similar about Dennis Bermudez, very impressive win at UFC 150 and still no booking. I actually wouldnt be mad if they booked a fight between them.
He's the unheralded DREAM Featherweight Champion so I would like to see him fight someone like Rony Jason.