Roasted brown rice


Savage Mystic
May 16, 2003
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Ok, in my never ending quest to make my own everything, I roasted some brown rice to add to some good green tea to make my own gen mai cha (brown rice green tea, my favorite variant). And while I'm certain doing it on the stovetop used too much heat, it worked (and was a good opportunity to use ghee). In any event, the result was roasted brown rice, crunchy, tastey little kernels full of nutritional, fibery goodness that you can eat by the handful. ... what else can I do with them? I have a granola bar recipe I could toss them into, but they seem a bit TOO crunchy for that. Anyone got any ideas? Take ten minutes and make some of your own, and think of something, just coat the bottom of a pan with a super thin layer of oil (I used ghee, but olive oil work work too), toss in a handfull of brown rice and stir often over midium heat. some will even pop like cute miniature pieces of popcorn.
Throw in an equal handful of mung beans
fill with about 4 cups of water
simmer for an hour
add a mixture of a tbls, each of cumin, tumeric, coriander, and ghee to make a merry mixture
pour over finished product and you have

Kichari- The Food of the Gods

You should look into this Urban, at least read this link:
DAMNIT! I already told you how great that recipe is! Quit holding your superior brown rice recipe over my head! I admit it: I couldn't cook brown rice for shit before that kichari recipe. there! I said it. Are you happy?! *runs off crying*
Kichari truly is badass.
Finally some recognition!

*can sleep now...wheres my GABA*
to make your own gen mai cha is it just equal amounts of roasted brown rice and green tea? and what kind of green tea do you reccomend? kichari sounds great, i'm gonna make some of that stuff tonight
Just had my serving of Kichari and a can of sardines.

Make sure you simmer it on a very, very low heat and use enough water.
I usually use about 6 cups because of the length of time it takes to cook. It usually takes mine a little over an hour. If you use the recommended amount of water, it will be pasty and thick. I like mine a little more loose.
After it cools some, spoon your individual servings on sheets of QUALITY plastic wrap, fold it in a little
4 x 4 square and store them in the fridge.
When you need to eat, put the square in a bowl and heat for 2 - 3 minutes.
Add a can of sardines, herring, salmon, whatever you wish.
I've never tested it for an exact time frame, but I imagine it will last over a week, but like anything I wouldn't eat it past 2 weeks in the fridge.

I eat it once a day, sometimes twice so it doesn't last more than about 5-6 days.