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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Foxx_MMA, Jul 9, 2005.

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    I did a search and couldnt really find a definitive answer so here goes
    With the 2nd hand the one not around the throat do you grab the choking hand or do you
    wrap around the back of the head and push forward. I usually wrap the back of the head and i know thats what rickson and other bjj guys do but when i see fedor RNC he usally grabs his choking hand (and who am i to disagree with his methods). I was wondering are there advantages or disadvantages to each or is it simply personal preference?
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    Fedor is doing hadaka-jime, where the bone on his wrist is exerting force on the carotoid hard enough to make somebody submit, this is old-school Judo, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. The other choke you're talking about is also a hadaka-jime, only this time the bicep and the forearm on the arm around the throat is exerting force on both carotoid arteries at the same time, this is also very handy.
    Neither is really better in my opinion, it's that sometimes an opponent will be unable to fight off the 1st choke because the second arm is helping the first to muscle around the neck in a sawing motion, the 2nd RNC is usually slipped on very quicklybut a good fighter will try to up your other arm so that you cannot finish the choke.
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    Hmm yeah fedor finished fujita with that first one, but if u recall, on herring he did it the 2nd way

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