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Oct 25, 2005
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I was just diagnosed with adult ADD and my doctor wrote me a prescription for ritalin. Is anyone on it, and if so, has it affective your training?
Shouldn't you ask your doctor if it's okay to train on this stuff and what it will do to you?
I did and he said I shouldnt have any physical problems as a result of training. I was looking for more of an idea of what it'll do to me mentally, if anything at all.
Don't take it, being naturally hyperactive has many advantages, especially when striking.
toufeksian said:
whats add ?

Attention Deficit Disorder.

A kind of neurological problem that causes people to lose focus/concentration very quickly. Kids with ADD usually can't stay still for long and are the kids who "act out" in elementary school. Some of those kids are actually just obnoxious, though.
ah i was diagnosed with ADHD when i was 8 and placed on dexamphetamine, until i took myself off it when i was 19, i was also on ritalin for a couple of years aswell.

Personally I hate this shit but since its a fairly potent stimulant it will definantly help your training, taken 30mins - 1hr before training it'll make you train harder and longer, you'll be more mentally alert and more movivated in your workouts, plus you may loose weight. Think of this shit like a mild form of meth. Drink with coffee for extra stimulation.

You'll also FAIL a drug test, so you'll need a letter from your doctor if that happens. If you have any other questions just ask me, i've got alot of experience with this.
I don't think it will adversly affect training. If anything, as others have mentioned, it might improve things.

I don't know if I"d like to have ADD while fighting, while being hyperactive while striking sounds like a good idea, I would be afraid of the attention deficit part. The last thing I need during a fight is to think about my training and then how that one day my girlfriend came to visit me. Later we went to dinner and then she came over. For dinner I had some steak, and I like steak and have been eating it since I was young. When I was younger I always got in trouble in school for acting up. This one kid, haha, this is so funny, his name was Timmy and he..... Then all of a sudden get KTFO by your opponent.