Risky Attacks Gone Wrong In MMA (Plenty of GIFs)


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Aug 13, 2007
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Edit 2: Anderson Silva gives a great nominee here when he gets KOed against Chris Weidman while trying to bait him in:


Edit: You are really going to like this thread. I know not EVERY GIF fits the thread exactly, but it is a collection of awesome GIFs so enjoy! Here is one of the best, Dave Gardner saying "Hello Japan" then getting a rear naked choke:


Everyone loves a spinning backfist KO or a flying knee KO, but it could just as easily backfire. What are your "risky strikes gone wrong"? It could be a failed attempt at a strike, or a strike that totally backfires on the fighter as well. No celebration GIFs.

All of MMA, not just UFC. Here are some of mine:

UFC 148 Chael Sonnen fails on the spinning backfist in one of the biggest UFC fights ever.


Fedor KOs Arlovski when Arlovski goes for the flying knee


Urijah Faber loses his title in embarrassing fashion to Mike Thomas Brown by failing on his elbow and getting TKOed.


And last but not least, Matt Riddle goes for a flying knee and gets lit up:


Post yours, and which one you think is the worst. I think the Silva one is the worst.
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Looks like someone made a video of it, going by the name "Themontageking"

Great video, love it.

Didn't struve try a flying knee too and got ktfo?
its like matt riddle thought he was lyoto machida and then in mid air he realized he wasnt lyoto machida but by that time it was far too late.
The spinning back fist fail that Chael did always makes me chuckle...to this day I still wonder what the hell he was thinking...
When I saw AA get swatted out the air like fly, I had know idea wtf he was doing lol.
its like matt riddle thought he was lyoto machida and then in mid air he realized he wasnt lyoto machida but by that time it was far too late.

It was an epic fail.

Here is probably the worst one

"Hi Japan".........


Adding some of the best from the thread:

Leg scissors fail


The "doodooplata"


Butt scooting right into the right hand


This is why you don't grab the fence

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This guy gets some love for looking like an idiot


Adding a bunch to make the first page full of GIF (they are in the thread):

A swing and a miss on this armbar attempt.


Nakamura rips his gi off to pump up the Japanese crowd, then gets KOed by Wanderlei


Hit me, I dare. *BOW*


Datsik with an ABSURD combination that has him falling over. lol.

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I watched a slow mo once wete they brok down arlovskis attack of Fedor and he didnt land a single punch. Which I kind of think makes the ko a little less embarrassin.
bwhahahah chael, faber and the monkey roll chubby bubby get my picks and made me laff.

thanks for the thread.
Hackleman & Chuck discussed this before the fight cuz Chuck thought it was a good idea.
He told Chuck not to go for the body shot with Jackson.
He did anyway and this was the result.
Stefan Struve tries a leg-kick and wakes up KTFO

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