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Jun 23, 2003
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ok so i ordered a btt hoodie from them and it shipped on oct 23 it said 15-30 days to arrive, anyone ever have problems receiving their stuff from them? i know it hasnt been 30 days yet but i really want my hoodie lol
i ordered a shirt from them and it took about 15 days depends where you live though i live right by chicago so i'd imagine it would be easier to get stuff from brazil living there
EDIT i ordered my shirt the 26th and it came the 9th so maybe they are back ordered on the hoodie
I've ordered from Tatame before, and they take a while. I think the Brazilian post is just slow.
It ships from Brazil so it takes a while.
If it hasnt been past the said time, why even ask??

Anyways RIO fightwear rules... Always great service
alright i know it hasnt been 30 days yet but i really just want the hoodie bad lol
Like everyone else said, just expect to wait a while. I've ordered from them, great people, great company, great customer service. The only thing that lacks is time but they are coming from south america.
Riofightwear SUCKS big time

Yesterday you posted some heavy critisism of Today it's Riofightwear - and those are the two posts you've made...

It would be good to have some arguments for why they suck. Please do tell...
Riofightwear is great. All my stuff has come really quickly, and Brazil to UK is a decent distance to send stuff!

I'll be ordering from them again very soon.
Rio and Fightgear have been great and have always been willing to help me and their other customers out. 666 have you ordered from them and if so what happened to make you feel this way? I have only heard good things about both places.
that must be one angry customer if he took all that time to register only to write one sentense on rio but yea see my review on that wand shirt i was perfectly happy witth them and will order from them again in heartbeat
thecontender666 said:
Riofightwear SUCKS big time
Umm no.. I'd have to say you do if you come only to bash them.