RioFightWear and Cryogel a Winning Team


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Jun 9, 2005
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It's official one of the largest and most reputable web sites in existence for MMA gear is now carrying CRYOGEL the first Topical pain releiving gel with ton of anti-inflammatories and for the first time ANYWHERE different scents. Available in Tubes and Roll-on's. I can't wait to see Cryogel blast off around the World with riofightwear. Below are Rio's contact info.

1-(800)-416-8802 (US TOLL FREE), 646-495-0911 (International Customers) Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 6PM EST, UK: 442070787353, and Canada (519)-488-1531,
Also you can fax your order to 646-619-4500

Thanks again for everyones support.

Keep Fighting,
Michael Crawford
National Sales Manager
Vitaminerals Inc / Cryogel <<<<< will be up this week
Awesome Michael, that is sweet. Looks like Cryogel is now international MMA style :D
I am now also carrying Cryogel. After trying it out for a few weeks I have decided to carry it. The stuff works great.