Ringworm on the head?



Hey guys, just wondering if anyone here has ever gotten ringworm that spread to their head?

I got it about 2 months ago and while it's pretty much cleared up, the place where it started (the back of my head) still has a clear area where there is a spot, and where the hair is not growing back properly. It looks especially fucked since I have a shaved head, anyone have any experience with this?
It'll grow anywhere with skin... so everywhere. I had it on my face once. Felt an inch under my beard that wouldn't go away and shaved to find a saucer sized patch on my jaw.
Yeah, but is this mark gonna stay forever?

Back of my head doesn't itch, it's been there since UFC 82, and I still have a huge patch on the back of my head that hasn't itched for like a month, I've still been using prescription cream on it...did for 6 weeks.
A minor recurrence of ringworm for the first ~12 months after primary infection isn't that uncommon. I had it on my chin (and hand) in high school, and it recurred once on my hand but i got after it very early and it wasn't a problem at all. Just be aware and proactive, and you should be alright. If your doctor has diagnosed you with it once (or if he's cool and/or experienced) he should be willing to prescribe you some antifungal pills over the phone if you want this under control asap.
Unless you've got a serious enough case for it to scar you, the hair should grow back. It can take a while since the hair was killed at the follicle so it has to regrow completely

It can also potentially becoming ingrown if the skin grows over it, so you may need to scrub it to help break the skin so the hair can grow out.

Thanks guys...

It's weird...I shave my head on a #1...just did it again today....the texture on the back of my head is distinctly different where the ringworm mark still is...almost crusty in a way...but it doesn't itch and hasn't for weeks......all the other lesions on my chest/back appear to be gone too....but just this mark on my head is still there and my hair is very short in this area....won't grow back.
Ring worm scars can be permanent. Go to a dermatologist and get checked out.
I had a massive ringworm infection on my right forearm in two spots 1.5 years ago. When I say massive, I mean like bigger than a silver dollar on the front and back of my right arm. The reason it got so large is that I was still a newbie to grappling and at the point didn't know about ringworm. I itched it like a motherfucker which caused it to grow bigger and inflamed. Eventually someone at the gym spotted it and told me I had ringworm. I went to a dermatologist and she gave me Lamasil pills and a serious steroid cream to get rid of it.

Eventually after a few months of using the cream and the pills, it died down to a white patch, scar looking thing. It took about 3 or 4 more months for the white patch to go away and the hair grow back.

If you give it enough time, and use good cream, the spot should disappear and the hair should grow back. Then again, I got relatively lucky in that my ringworm was on my forearm in an easily treatable spot. If I had gotten it on my chin or face, it would have been uber shitty. Like Aesopian, I rock a beard, and have fast growing facial hair, so I don't even know how I would have dealt with that.
I have a related question.

For guys with longer hair, how would you know if you have ringworm? What do you need to look out for?
I have a related question.

For guys with longer hair, how would you know if you have ringworm? What do you need to look out for?

My hair was longer when I first got it....I was in Ohio at UFC 82, I think I got it from one of my last grappling sessions before I left....I felt a lump in the back of my head..probably a lymph node or something as a reaction to the massive fucking itch i had on my head....i was scratching a lot and didn't know what it was...

I just hope this mark goes away.