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Oct 29, 2007
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At my gym we almost never train rear hand hook / uppercuts . I know it is concidered .. unefficient or something , but what is the reason ? Maybe in kickboxing it is bad , but in mma it seems to be really perfect for transitioning between the clinch and striking .

People like wanderlei silva use it all the time , not only as defense when backing up . Is it one of those things which you need to train really hard to be good with ? I mean maybe only guys like wanderlei can use it because they are so good , but if somebody like me tryes it in sparring I will get counter punched too fast ?

It just seems to be really underrated to me , theres so much power behind it , and if used after a good left hook , it has even more power . If used in a combination like silva uses it , jab, cross, jab ,right hook it seems rather good , or it could be jab , cross , left hook , right hook , giving it more power .

What do you think about it? I would expect everybody in these street fighting threads to really like hooks since they give more power , but Ive never seen anyone write anything about right hook in street fights , and I cant judge it , Ive never been in a street fight , Ive never even fighted before , I only spar in my training lessons , thats all , so I really dont understand .
What style are you training? The reason your gym doesnt train them as much could be because uppercuts and rear hooks alittle harder to master? But they are nevertheless valuable weapons and have their place in fighting.
what? you dont train rear/right hooks?
i dont leave the house without them so to speak
In boxing the rear hook is pretty useless. You can see it coming from a mile.

But in MT/MMA you will need it in the clinch. Yes, there is power but your opponent can see it coming. Worse is if he is able to duck from it then you are very open.
Muay thai , well we do train it , but not that much . I also train vale tudo a bit , there we train it same much as everything else I guess , or slightly less . But ussualy if Im close enough to do a rear hook / uppercut , I clinch or go for the takedown so I dont use them much to be honest . But maybe its because Ive been trained this way , and if I trained at some other place I wouldnt go to clinch right ahead .
Ok , so in what situation would it be good to use it ? Jab - cross - jab - rear hook ? Or rather Jab - cross - left hook - rear hook ?
Ok , so in what situation would it be good to use it ? Jab - cross - jab - rear hook ? Or rather Jab - cross - left hook - rear hook ?

Generally you use it when you fight on the inside. If you don't know what that means it means fighting really close to your opponent. You can mix the right hook in with other round punches like the uppercut and left hook. You can throw the hook like, lefthook-leftuppercut-right hook or throw a righthook to the body and right to the head just like you do the lefthook head - lefthook body or viceversa.

If you set it up, you can throw from the outside like Mosley did with Cotto.
As a reluctant instructor for a beginners class in MT we show the right hook, but mainly focus on the left hook in combos, etc.

This is because there is so much to cover in MT and imho it's better to know a couple of things well than being crap in everything and the left hook is used more.

Obviously people are allowed to use it shadowboxing but we just dont focus on it in the limited time we got to do partner drills and pad work. This is a class that is thought 2 times a week(far to little, but oh well).

In the advaced groups it's used more as people already mentioned it can be effective while infighting/clinching.
Ok so theoreticly it wont be that good after a jab or something because after a jab your enemy isnt close enough for it to be more effective than a straight , but after some close shot with left hand - left hook / left uppercut its good at close range right ?

Hmm ok Rolf I understand it then :) , its the same as in my gym .

Btw Rinksterk , pls tell me who is that in your avatar . I really need to know xD .
Yeah pretty much Foofie.

But there is a gadzillion ways to do it, As for how appropriate it is to use the right hook there is considerations about if you're a in-fighter or like to keep your distance, your reach, build, etc. Try it out during sparring and see how you like it.

Personally I mostly use the left hook and right uppercut. But then again I'm not as good with my hands as a boxer who throw's looong combos, mostly it'll be 3-4 at the most and I'll kick, knee or clinch. But it's always good to have in your arsenal.
I tell you some days I hate reading this forum as a southpaw...My brain doesn't like having to reverse everything most of you say. lol.
I tell you some days I hate reading this forum as a southpaw...My brain doesn't like having to reverse everything most of you say. lol.

Ir's not really about reversing everything, because the strategy's very different with the two stances.
Actually, one of Tyson's favorite combinations was a jab, right hook to the body, then left uppercut to the head.