Rickson's Budo challenge

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Nov 17, 2003
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Anybody heard anything about this? Source: adcombat.com

Rickson Gracie Presents - The Budo Challenge
Submitted by: Kid Peligro / ADCC JJ Editor
Posted On 08/30/2005

Prepare, engage, defeat and conquer

sounds like it will be bjj, sambo, and judo guys.
it would be cool to see, but i think the time limits are too short
Man, it seems that all the brothers are running some kind of contest. This Budo challenge apppears to be incentive based in that it is fast paced and awards of money is given to guys who are technical and strategic. Not to hijack this thread but Relson is also restarting the Gracie Reality Fighting Series with Royce and Royler. Rorion got his own contest and now this. Whew, the brothers are getting back into fighting in a major way.
will relson do his show in hawaii or the mainlands???
i geuss he will have his son it as well??
Mainland most likely for the exposure. Hawaii is kind of saturated with events.

They had two venues, California and Ohio, to be considered. I think Arnold, the govenor of Cali, is close with Relson (Arnold Classic) and wanted it there but then the CSAC just voted down PRIDE so I don't know if Cali is a option.

Relson loves Ohio so in my opinion, that is the front runner unless he wants to try Hawaii but I don't think Hawaii is liberal enough for the rules. Royce already has a fighter that is tough guy I saw compete in Hawaii. Royler supposed to send someone he thinks is ready.

Rhalan is definetely fighting in it and already has been training stand up striking for a while, top secret like.
Hope this rule system makes it more active. I know Rickson hates points and time limits, so I think we can trust him to organize it into a fast-paced grappling championship
I can see where Rickson is coming from with the rules and all....best of luck to him.
looks like daniel moraes and phil cardela may be in it also.
that would be two more great bjj practicioners in it.
Saulo, Xande and Lovato jr. are in the budo challenge. i think Pe de Pano too.
jacare will be in it. our man rolles is heading in there too.
the budo challenge will be great, all those names are the best.
good luck to rickson and relson in thier tournaments
guys, check out gumby's blog on onthemat.com (is it OK to mention them on Sherdog???)
the actual event is supposed to be October 19 in LA somewhere. there will probably be a big announcement of it on adcombat, considering that's the place where all the updates have been coming from

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