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Rickson By Armbar *vid*

I love that video. I have it on my MySpace.
too bad we never got to see the rickson/bas fight after bas called him out.

no doubt rickson could tool him (and everyone) one the ground, but woulda been worth seeing in MMA
Nice find. Never saw that one before.
nice, watching rickson is awesome. glad im learning from his protege kinda haha
rickson is sick

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how the fuck does he do that tihng with his stomach at the end?
I chose to believe the hype

Mass psycosis is possible but c'mon if he wasn't for real some young BJJ punk whould have tooled him and made a name for himself.

the record is another thing, BS but the skills!
several world class bjj'ers claim he is as good as the myth says
When Rickson switched his hips and took Royler's back out of the sweep, it was a thing of beauty.

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