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Oct 15, 2003
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Greetings and salutations readers! I'm here with another Victory Atheltics review! This time I'll be talking about their Victory Thai Pads. This is my 3rd review for Danny's new line and so far they're living up to the hype. The gloves are good but what I really like about this line are their pads and mitts. So far they've been some of of the best I've used at their price.

Fit & Feel:

These Thai pads are made out of durable but lightweight synthetic leather. It doesn't really look or feel like real leather. The material is a bit dry to the touch but it's thick. The Thai pads themselves are very comfortable and easy to hold. They have a lot of padding for the trainer and even a raised barrier on either side of the forearms to keep the pads in place. I'm not sure if it helps all that much or it's just a design. When I was sweaty or dry I didn't feel like it help that much, mainly because the forearm material is different. It provides more grip than the synthetic leather shell. The Thai pads came out ridiculously light. I've used way heavier focus mitts. I can literally hold these all day and all night without getting tired or sore. I'm still not sure how the synthetic leather will hold up but I will have to update this review in the next few months if anything changes.

Quality & Craftsmanship:

The Victory pads have been holding up nicely so far. The craftsmanship and design of these pads are nice, clean and tight. Nothing arrived popped or wrinkled and the stitching was straight and even. hat I really like abut these pads is that there aren't laces around the edges of the pads that keep them together. Everything is sewn except for the zipper they used to slide in the foam padding. This looks to be inspired by Cleto Reyes Thai Pads. I like this design because once the padding starts to breakdown you won't be going blind when the foam padding starts to puff out from being struck. The synthetic leather durability is really the only thing that is questionable, but it also helps to keep the Thai pads extremely light. It's already seen over 100 x 2 minute rounds and it's still holding up strong.


The protection these pads provide for how light and soft they are is pretty amazang. They're so light but they also absorb so much shock that it's crazy. I'm not sure what kind of padding they're using but it's different from everything else I've held before. It's soft but dense enough that I can't crush it with 2 fingers. It's light but thick and absorbs damage like no other pad I've held before. They even sound different when they're struck. Traditional Thai pads make a
How do they compare to the goldengear KPLC2 thai curve kick pads and which one is lighter?
They are both same price at $84.99 on the website right now.
I wonder how to they compare to Hayabusa's old model.,default,pd.html?start=8&cgid=thai-pads

If the Golden Gear Thai Pads show up on MMAHQ I will definitely pick up a pair.



These bad boys are in mmahq right meow! Gonna pick some up.
Can't beat $5 shipping. Hopefully these will replace my cheap throwdown thai pads.
Nice reviews the last few days,cheers Fred.Make the most of them b4 junior Fred comes along!
I'm trying Anthony! Less than 2 months so I'm trying to push out as many reviews before the wife pushes out our little Marshmallow!
Do you think you could put a picture of them with your arm in? They look a little to thin for my liking, but as someone said they're on mmahq right now and I want some thai pads. If so that'd be great.
Ok, tried these bad boys in Muay Thai class today and they were amazing! VERY light and can absorb kicks well. With other thai pads it feels like I'm going to either break my forearms or fly backwards. This one I can handle hard hits! The only gripe that I have is that the strap closest to the hand is short and you have to pull it out of the clip to put it on which takes time in class. Based on the design, I dunno if longer would be better, but that's just an observation.

9.9/10, These are the best pads I've ever used!