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    Greetings and salutations readers! I'm here with the last review for Golden Gear's new line, Victory Athletics. In this review I'll be talking about their shinguards. They were specially designed by Danny Goldberg. He had a bad shin injury that prompted him to design his own shinguard for maximum protection. Let's see how they stack up to other shinguards.

    These shinguards are made up of a strong synthetic leather. I had a hard time believing they were synthetic leather but it does make sense. The whole guard is just big and thick. It uses a lot of material because of it's shape. A guard of this size would have cost more and been heavier because of the materials. I'm glad they were more economical with these guards because the kept the prices down for the consumer. I'm not someone who minds synthetic leather so it didn't bother me that much, especially considering how well it was done.

    These guards fit a little bigger than I expected. I wear a X large size shinguard in Thai brands and I ended up receiving a size large which happened to fit me perfectly. The sizing is a tad bigger so If anything order a size down, but unfortunately they don't have a size small. I really like how the instep is shaped on these shinguards. It's the perfect fit and curves over the top of the foot. It's a very natural feel and covers the ankles as well. The instep I found to be a little longer than what I'm use to. I wear a size 10.5

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