Review: Ediroc H2 Sparring Gloves (6.5/10)


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Oct 15, 2003
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Greetings and salutations readers! Does anyone remember Fuel Fight Gear? If not check this thread out: Not what I would call a great glove, and their customer service also left something to be desired. Fuel Fight Gear now is known as Ediroc. Same owner but different staff from what I'm told. They've also gone through some much needed changes since then. I was personally contacted by their CEO Ali, who wanted to reach out and apologize for the way some of his staff was acting and wanted to offer me a free pair of their newest gloves. He didn't even want a review. He just wanted to make things right. I like free gloves but I think this is the first time gloves came with a free gym sack! I really needed to review them then!

Fit & Feel:

The gloves are classic Mexican style. The weight and padding is evenly distributed and compact and they have a thick, triple ribbed cuff. It's all there. They look really good but they feel fantastic. Simply put, the lining and hand compartment are amazingly comfortable. They're hands down the most comfortable glove I've ever slid my hands inside of. I didn't want to wear wraps since they feel so good to slide in and out of (If your mind went to something perverted than I've done my job). It's really easy to make a fist with these gloves. They have a deep finger compartment and a softer foam padding so I can feel my punches landing on my knuckles. Right out of the box they're broken in and soft.

I really like the positioning of the thumb. It's not straight so I didn't once jam my thumb. It's curved in and sits under the striking portion of the glove. Combined with the thick grip bar, It helped me make a tight fight and kept my hands in a more natural position. A lot of stiff gloves make my hand lock in a position I don't always find comfortable. I felt that the thumb position and the soft feel of the foam let me make a fist that I felt was more natural to me. It's something I can find in a lot of gloves.

The downside to the fit of this glove is that it's tight. It's not snug. It's TIGHT! I have short but stocky arms and I had the hardest time putting these gloves on myself. I had to really loosen the laces and then my trainer still had to help me put the gloves on. When you break the gloves in, it'll be a little easier to slide in and out of but not by a whole lot. A few rounds of bag work and I was able to slide my hands in and out. However, since the gloves are just so soft I still needed to loosen up the laces and have my coach hold the glove. One other thing that annoyed me is because of the size of my forearms, I could only wrap the laces around once. I needed at least another foot of laces to be able to go around twice. The wrists padding is chunky which I really like, but my arms are chunky and that combination made the laces too short for me to really benefit from.

Right off the bat I recommend these to someone who has long and lanky arms and is a good fit fore people with long fingers. Also, the gloves need longer laces. I love the chunky wrists and forearm padding but the laces are just too short. I could only wrap the laces around once. These gloves are really chunky and they really need long laces for people like me with huge forearms.

Quality & Craftsmanship:

What I like about these gloves besides the fit and feel is the materials. I think the glossy leather and padding are very good for sparring. If you're just using them as sparring and drilling gloves I think they'll last a while. If they're going to see a lot of action on the bag or mitts then I'd recommend not using these gloves and getting a cheap pair of bag mitts. It's the same role with many gloves. I don't see these as being or lasting as workhorse gloves because of how soft the foam is.

The craftsmanship is head and shoulders better than their first generation Fuel Fight Gear gloves. The quality of the materials are high but the craftsmanship could have been a little better especially considering the price. There were already marks on the leather of the glove right out of the box. There were also areas of the glove where the stitching were double passed on a single line of thread. It's hard to overlook things like these because of the price tag. It's a shame to see really good quality materials blemished and being held together by less than stellar stitching.

The quality of the screen print on the hand isn't bad, but when I put the left and right glove side by side you can notice that one of the gloves is a little neater than the other. I noticed it at first glance since the logo is so big, and since the logo is so big and noticeable. One thing that confused me was the
Nice clamp, they look amazing, and sound amazing, the profile is pretty nice as well. But Clamp simple question as our grading scales are different I think, but at a 6.5 that is a D to me, and that's saying its NOT worth getting, is that what you are saying in your review?
Nice review, look like they'd be good gloves if not for the pricetag and poor stitching. Mentioned it in another thread, but even in their stock photos the stitching looks terrible
Just a thought:

I cant believe these gloves are $130. I am not crapping on any brands here, but for $130 its crazy to think this is the quality you get!

Just a thought I needed to share! Even ringside imf's for 99 are a way better choice it seems! For $130, you should be getting perfect quality and craftsmanship! It just bothers me that this is what fighters are getting for such high prices!

At one time, Grant was $140 and Celtos were $120 and then you got perfect quality! I know they stepped up their prices a lot, but the brands that are selling high quality and high price, make sure its high quality if its got the high price tag!
The only thing I see wrong is the stitching is not straight and theres a lot of excess but it doesn't effect the intregity of the glove does it?

I wish I had the gloves infront of me to try on.

Not saying these are worth 130 but still, or hinting I would buy them. I think later on down the line they should be easy fixes.

Yeah Cletos are different Dan, you are talking the BEST Mexican glove on the market, period hehe.
I agree. But Cleto Reyes has always been top quality! and the stitching has always been flawless. At one point, they were $120 too. I am just annoyed with a company charging $130 if the glove wont be flawless. Since MMA has blown up so many companies have started trying to make a quick buck by making a crappy glove and trying to market it well. That is why i got into the business to change this trend! As a fighter its my biggest pet peeve trying out a brand and getting something that isnt worth its price. I do agree that the stitching does not change the integrity of the glove! But a glove like ringside at $99 ( okay i understand a few stitching errors etc...) but $130 is getting expensive lol....

its like their heritage line better be perfect at $200 lol

Thats all im trying to say!
oh I totally agree, that's why im waiting Dan on your newest Line!!!

Hurry up will ya ;-)
Unless you do some super blowout sale.... hint hint lol.
Whats up cats. The grading scale I use doesn't really go with lettering scores. So lets say that anything under 5 is bad. 5 is average. Anything 6 is above average. 7 is good. 8-9 is really good or great. 10 is perfect.
Whats up cats. The grading scale I use doesn't really go with lettering scores. So lets say that anything under 5 is bad. 5 is average. Anything 6 is above average. 7 is good. 8-9 is really good or great. 10 is perfect.

Ok cool just making sure i understood the scale
I wouldn't be surprised if this brand is more East Coast than anything but I do understand the costs of things going up. Understand it but I don't like it.
Wow if you goto the site, the gloves get EXTREMELY pricey! Like Winning pricey!
Oh yeah dude. I got their cheap ones. Some of them are like $210.00! I don't know if they're different or special but I'm curious to see why they're $almost $100.00 more than the models I have.
The more expensive gloves look the same minus the colors, is probably due to the color change in leather. Other wise looks identical.
Excellent review, thanks!

I asked the guys at Ediroc where their gloves are produced (as they say on their Facebook page that their custom fight clothing is made in the USA) and this was their response:

"Blair, we previously produced our equipment in China, Pakistan, and Mexico, but we're currently making an effort to move our manufacturing to the US."

Interested to see what path their equipment line takes in future.
Wow that's cool. I'm glad you made us aware of that. I wonder what is made where.