Reverse triangle and on top.


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Apr 2, 2008
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I was rolling last night and ended up with my partner in a reverse triangle and sitting on top of him. I've been training for about a month and a half now and I had no clue what to do.

Any tips? Thanks.
kimura on the free arm

It can be difficult finishing the reverse triangle, and the kimura is right there for the taking. Or you can switch to an armbar, but you run the risk of letting him escape. The reverse triangle + kimura is a more stable position than the armbar.
FYI, Finishing the sidemount triangle is easier if you actually don't lock it up at all, and instead, once you step over the head reach around his head with your arm and grab your own ankle/gi pant.
Tough to say. From the answers, it sounds like people are responding to a few different holds. There's a lot of triangles that I've heard referred to as the "reverse triangle." There's the one when you're in side control on top and have the head and near arm triangled. Also can happen off your back a lot. Kimura is your go-to move in that case. If on bottom, you might also try to sweep. There's also the reverse triangle from the back, and you can end up on top of him with his head sort of in your lap, and a triangle. If your legs are triangled to one side, you can go for an armbar. Or you can try to finish the choke by scooting your hips back to tighten, then grabbing his leg and pulling it all together.

So basically it all depends on which one we're talking about.
The position is a normal triangle but i am facing away from his head and am sitting on top.
You have a lot of options from that position if the triangle does not work. You can go for a shoulder lock, if your opponent straights the arm sit back for an armbar. Also you can lean forward and grab the leg for a straight kneebar.
You can attack the far arm with kimura, straight arm lock, or americana depending on the position the arm is in. There is also the transition to far side armbar.