Requiem For A Dream....


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Apr 22, 2002
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Just wondering if anybody else is a fan of this movie. There is no movie more fucked up than this. The last 15 minutes you just have to close your eyes cause its too much. And all this without a single ounce of blood. But even though, this movie is still amazing. Simply because i was sweating while watching it.
It is a great movie which I bought on DVD right after I watched. I love the last ten minutes and score. It is brilliant. I try to get people to watch it with me but it freaked them out to much. They do not want to ever see it again
Yeah i have PI too. I think Requiem is much better though.
ah ah see, everybody loves it, but they don't want to watch it again. I can't explain it, its like a scab that you just keep picking at, but you want to stop, but you can't.
I own so I can watch it all the time. I guess I am a sicko. I own Deliverance too
yeah they are, but you have to admit, requiem is in a league by itself.
Run Lola Run is another movie that willl leave asking WHAT THE FUCK after you see it
Really nice movie! Damn Ellen is good in the role as the mom...
I was too scared to even take a aspirin after watching Requium.
That movie was one of the most fucked up movies I have ever watched. Its up there with 12 Monkeys.
I love that fucking movie - I bought it without even seeing it first after everyone raved about it here. I also have 12 monkeys, I'm going to get Clockwork Orange too - I love fucked up movies.

- m

PS. I didn't think Se7en was that fucked up - it was a great movie but.
I'm surprised more people didn't comment on the "Ass to ass!" part. That is one disturbing film ... that fucking abcess ... ugh!
i was surprised marlon wayans was actually pretty good in it.

you should check out the book.
The "ass to ass" part, if it was in any other movie, like a porn, it would have been ok, but the way they used it made it really fucked up and disturbing to watch. Run Lola Run is another great movie. And A Clockwork Orange is my favorite movie, but that is a different sort of fucked up movie than Requiem is.