Renzo's school?


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Jan 6, 2006
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anyone have any comments about renzo or his school? i'm a student so don't dog him but anything useful would be great, thanks..
We have a student of his out here in Montreal... He knows his stuff man and I love Renzo. I wish I could train with your school. Thats cool!
yea i think i've seen pics and heard of that student who opened a gracie school in montreal. is it good? montreals got some great fighters.. what's up with toronto? carlos newton? did you hear about the canada vs usa ufc 58?
Ya I heard about that!! I hope its all true.. But for Montreal has some good fighters and you got to love team Tompkins.
I love it there.

The training really is top notch, and my game has improved ten-fold since joining. Sometimes, you can feel lost, I recommend doing external research on your own to supplement techniques that have yet to be taught in class. The training only improves as you move through the belt hierarchy. I train only with the Gi at this point, but I tend to use No-Gi techniques most of the time, as it's just my preference.

I usually train under Ze, and he's awesome. Extremely nice guy, really cares deeply for what he does. I've watched a number of other instructors there, and they all have a different approach. They are ALL incredible.

You can always stay after and train, ask questions, talk and hang out with the instructors.

The environment becomes very family oriented. It's amazing really, because I never wanted anything like that, just wanted to train and go home, but the friendly atmosphere really grows on you, and you truly look forward to going to class, not just to train, but to see everyone and hang out.

The one thing that gets me is how HOT it always is, I mean damn, the ceiling fans just aren't enough.

I love the fact that there are no techniques you can't do (aside from slamming someone from guard, though someone did try and do this to me).

Number of taleneted Jiu Jitsu guys to train with, as well as Wrestlers, Judo players, and MMA guys.

We recently had to guys come through from Finland. They were awesome, and were thrilled to be training at Renzos. Those guys were great, my game went to new level after training with them. Learned how to really make my opponent uncomfortable when I'm on top.

Most of the guys there are cool, with the occasional nutjobs. Sometimes people get a little caught up, and I see them shadowboxing, or throwing imaginary Thai leg kicks ... it always serves as good enterainment.
lol :icon_excl it is hot ass hell in there! but i love it. it's like training in a dungeon, turns us into warriors. yea man i love it. u nailed everything on the head. i recently just got my first stripe and am addicted. i' look forward to going to class everyday and upping my game but at the same time i approach the training on the humble because there are some real talented fighters in there. i really can't wait till the techniques i'm learning become more natural and i can start flowing with the go, if ya feel me. right now i rely heavily on my strength and am anxious to get my game tight to where i no longer need to use as much energy.

ze is an incredibly nice guy with a very respectful attitude. he's more than eager to help and seems like one tough son of a bitch, i respect him.

i also really like the rest of the teachers too. the students are really helpful and it's crazy laid back. PLUS u can't beat the fact renzo teaches pretty often and he's the man
I'm Matt, a tubby blue belt in a green koral gi. feel free to say hi when you see me.