Renzos NYC Academy questions...



Hey this summer I plan on takeing a train from Norwalk CT to Grand Central and walking to Renzos place to train. Does anyone know how far it is from GCS? Also is the place good for a 17 year old to train are there people my age and do the people there sorta "outcast" the younger students like myself or is everybody accepted? Also is the begginer program good(white belt, blue belt). I hear rumors that you dont roll as a white belt you just learn the tecniques. Anyone have any answers to these and just general info?
There are plenty of younger people; most seem to be in their 20's. I am 31.
You do roll as a white belt, but you start from various postions; guard, crossbody, mount, etc. You get plenty of practice from these postions, both offensively and defensively. At times, you start from your knees.

The qualtity of the instruction is quite good as is the competition. Because of the size of the classes, individual attention is lacking, however.
For whitebelts you can only do Gi.. reasonably so. And there aren't really any younger kids that are 17.. that go often anyways. The school is mostly full of adults which I think is better for training.
Nicknitro25 said:
Any more info guys? How far is it from Grand Central?
Its one train stop away if you take the 2 or 3 trains and only a few stops away on the 1 train.

You could just walk to West 30th, which isn't to far from Grand Central.
most of the guys there are cool and if you get to a 3rd and 4th stripe on your white belt you can
do a no gi class.
it is at 224 w 30th it is in a like a hotel.