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Renzo's academy

How is the instruction? How long are the classes? How many times a week is unlimited?
everything for me is so far perfect. everyone is cool, and its like a huge family. dont go unlimited though, classes are an hour, but you'll be drained by the end of class. i recommend going 2 or 3 times a week. i recently got injured and cant wait to train again. go get a free intro class.
how long have you been training there? I recently found out with my job that I might have an opportunity to move close to the NYC area. There is a better chance I will be goig to the D.C. area, but NYC is also a chance. Thanks for responding. How much for 3x a week?
That is a serious rip off I rather cut my hand off than use it to spend that much money per month to learn BJJ.
250 is an awful lot.. i pay 95 for unlimited at gracie barra.

But who knows i think renzos school is open all the live long day and has multiple classes to attend any given day... I go twice on tuesday and thursday and mornings monday and wednesday.. so 95$ for 6 times a week isnt bad.
does anybody happen to know the price of Lloyd Irvin's camp springs school? that will be the closest school to me if I go to Maryland.
it's expensive due to the cost of living....considering the high COL in NYC, it's right on par with the National average if you compare what most of us pay and our current area's COL.
Crossed my mine about NY but i would just move.. i would be broke.