Renato Laranja interrupting Jeff Glover seminar (cool techniques too)

Drew Foster

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Feb 27, 2008
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EDIT: I thought there would be more techniques before Renato came in, my bad.
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i stopped at the Renato part, but the side escape to a darce was slick. might put it into drilling
I rarely see moves that are nothing like anything I've seen before (not because I'm a grappling wizard, but because I'm a total DVD and YouTube whore), but I haven't seen either of those bottom side control moves before. That grapevine to kneebar attack is straight up ridonkulous!

I might have to make that whizzer/Americana clock-walk to brabo a part of my game, as I play a lot of overhook butterfly (and use the brabo a lot), and guys who are good at passing towards the back in that position can be a real pain in the ass.
I always turn away when escaping side control. Yes, you can expose the back if you get sloppy, but it's the path of least resistance. It's much easier (from the top guy's perspective) to stop a guy from turning into you, being that you can exert force forward driving off your toes, than it is to stop him from turning away from you, seeing as you don't have anywhere near the same leverage to pull him towards you.

My favorite 'turning away' escape is to just collar-tie him with my near side hand, using the elbow in his collarbone to block the back, then do a really low, circular sit-up motion to get up on my far elbow/hand. (Very similar to Marcelo's sit up escape approach, but lower to the ground.) If this fails, I follow it up with the running escape series, but I find it to be the most high percentage option, unless he clamps down on my head and arm with a death grip (in which case you have some reversal options).
...So no one else is a bit upset glover didnt get to show the last no-gi move?

..yea me neither..

LOL, yeah. I wanted to see Glover teach the 7 year old choke. Only ever seen him do it in sparring vids.