Regrowing body parts

Pig blatter powder?! sounds really far fetched, but i guess if it worked.

The video didnt load for me, and the still picture looked like it didnt grow back like a normal fingure, wonder if you get the structure back but it wont look the same?

Its still amazing and something that could open a lot of doors for medical use, but i need to hear a couple more stories about this before i totaly belive it.(not that im calling the TS a lyer im just sceptical)
The video shows his finger looks normal that initial picture is like an in-process shot. The army is looking into this for wounded soldiers and it's reported by CBS so I assume it's pretty legit.
i hit play on the video but its sending me to some other news storey, but thanks for letting me know it turned out fairly normal, would be amazing if this was something the army could get its hands on.
what if it goes wrong and people grow wings and turn into monsters?

^^Thats the next step right there. Super soldiers.